Tangerine Haze Plus Pre-Roll 5 Pack



Product Details

17.72% THC
Citrus, Sweet

Product Description

Stone Road's Tangerine Haze pre-rolls have a citrus sweet aroma with a subtle hint of seaweed. The smoke is smooth and easy, but you might have a short phase of dry mouth. Expect a happy, buzzy high that coasts through an afternoon cleaning spree or a morning coffee date. Take care of your munchies early on and let the rest of the high uplift your day and any sex you'll be having.

About Stone Road

For Stone Road, quality is about purity, attention to detail, and kindness to the Earth. Every single joint is triple-checked, so that they get to feel good and you get to feel even better. Delicious, sustainably grown flower wrapped in french papers for a price everyone can enjoy.