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Weekender’s Play Pre-Roll is smooth from mouth to lungs with an earthy start and a hoppy finish. Considering how easy these are to smoke and the low dose they deliver, we’d recommend these to people who crave a manageable high or are new to cannabis. The more you smoke, the more it builds, so finishing a whole joint will get you into a strong and calm head high that fuels your brain and body to get some chores done, but it’s a social high at heart. THC:CBD = 2:1 12% THC | 6% CBD

Everybody’s Working For The Weekenders

Review by Luca Belloiu

Apr 17, 2022 · 5 min read

An easygoing and relaxing high that’s perfect for unwinding and going with the flow.

In Review: Each Weekenders Play Pack comes with seven premium pre-rolls containing a balanced and inviting cannabinoid ratio. With a 1:1, 7% THC to 7% CBD breakdown, the sungrown sativa bud in these joints provides a low-potency high that still makes its presence known. It’s the perfect product for chilling out after a long day, and it makes a great option for parties by allowing you to smoke without sending yourself over the edge. Expect fresh hints of citrus and herbs to lead to effects that will leave you feeling refreshed and floaty from the very first hit. 

Play by Weekenders is the sort of tasty pre-roll you can smoke in its entirety and not feel like you’re coming undone. These 1:1 blends of THC and CBD provided me with the sort of high that’s perfect for adding a bit of vibrancy to a social Saturday, or a bit of recuperation on a lazy Sunday. I felt like this high consistently shuttled back and forth from making me want to laugh out loud in a crowded room to wanting to stay in for the day and just watch reality shows by myself.

What I didn’t experience was any level of anxiety or discomfort to speak of. This is a high tailor-made for those new to smoking, though that is not at all to say you can’t benefit from this blend even if you’re a seasoned cannaseur. I’m not sure if I’ve ever smoked a pre-roll that tested at only 7% THC before, but I personally got as high with this as I’ve gotten with straight THC strains. At any rate, I took them by their name and smoked a pre-roll on each of the three days of my weekend. (I always count Fridays.)

The Weekender pre-roll I savored all by my lonesome hit just the right note without knocking me out.

After a very long day of work, I settled down with a Play pre-roll as soon as I got home. I was outside, sitting on the porch, and de-stressing in real time. I was too fatigued to want a potent high filled with potential anxiety. Somehow that just seemed like a lot of work, and after this particular week, I was over that. I just needed something to help me unwind. In that sense, the Weekender pre-roll I savored all by my lonesome hit just the right note without knocking me out.

The following night I went to an old friend’s place where we had a bit of a gathering, and a fair amount of cocktails. I rarely ever smoke cannabis when I drink, which is mostly due to it making me physically ill. As a result, I have never reviewed cannabis while drunk. I mention it only this one time because having already familiarized myself with the nature of this 1:1 blend, I felt like combining the two wouldn’t be an issue. Thankfully I was right.

Instead of feeling nauseous, like I have so often felt in the past with stronger strains, these just put me in a neutral gear of pure relaxation. I sunk into myself and effortlessly engaged in conversation and laughter. I transitioned from boozing to just enjoying this pre-roll, and felt no need to return to alcohol later. I just Ubered home and napped like a baby. 

If you are one of those cool cats who enjoys a bit of cannabis with their favorite drink, I found these to be a pleasing addition. This also isn’t to say that these pre-rolls wouldn’t suffice purely as an alcohol substitute. I’m sure it would. They pack just enough punch to take that edge off and ultimately disarm you as far as social tension goes.

This combination of cannabinoids seems like the perfect high for someone seeking a sense of calm in their lives.

While Play is billed as a sativa, I found it held its ground as a relaxation aid just as well as it does in filling one with exuberance and good humor. This really came into focus the following day, Sunday. Having woken up with a mild hangover, I turned to Play once more to snap me out of my funk. After washing a pre-roll down with a very large glass of water (or three), the cobwebs of the previous night came down and I was right-side up again. This combination of 7% THC and 7% CBD seems like the perfect high for someone seeking a sense of calm in their lives.

When getting good and high feels like too much and experiencing a one-minute CBD pleasantry seems like too little, these pre-rolls slide right in between to carve a nice niche out for themselves. I was also smoking these around 4/20, and let me just say that having a lighter product around is never a bad idea. (Either for you or your bud trying to bridge the gap into cannabis.) 

The remainder of my Sunday morning felt as relaxed and chill as if I had not gone out at all the night before. Even my wife smoked a bit of this pre-roll, and she rarely ever smokes flower on the count of it always getting her too high. The fact that she could enjoy more than a few puffs of this with no anxiety is really saying something.

Don’t get it twisted though, there is definitely a high here. It’s just that it takes the form of a prolonged sense of inner comfort that interacts seamlessly with the world at large. Open and inviting, the Play Pre-Roll is as good a nightcap as it as a morning tonic, and I plan to continue lighting it up liberally between the two. 

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