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Yerba Buena Fuego Packs


Yerba Buena's Fuego Packs can provide a pretty sexual high. The flavor is reminiscent of berries and dry wood, and the resulting head high if typically uplifting. It's the body high that takes the cake by delivering a potent and buzz of head-to-toe arousal. It's an obvious choice for spicing up your date night, even though it's potency is surprisingly low.

Ranked 230 of 240 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.
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Ranked 230 of 240 in Pre-Rolls for feeling Euphoric.

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Fuego Packs
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14.6% THC, 0.04% CBD

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Blueberry Cookies (Indica dominant hybrid)

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Five 0.5g joints


We Found Love In A Pre-Roll

At one point my partner asked, “Is there MDMA in this?”

Smoking joints is my preferred method of cannabis consumption, and like many people I enjoy the convenience of a well-packed jay. But can I tell you a secret? I’m shamefully terrible at rolling my own joints. In fact, I usually just stuff ready-to-go cones with the ground bud of my choice, which makes pre-rolls the next logical step in removing the hassle of DIY joint-making altogether. While I definitely prefer fresh product, I'm not at the level of pickiness where everything has to be fresh-ground every time. Hey, I also pre-grind my coffee beans sometimes because I’m human.

Boy, do those puppies deliver a lovely nose.

When figuring out what to smoke, I generally use scent as my guide with citrusy and fruity-smelling herb drawing the most love from me. As you can probably guess, I’m way more interested in the bud’s terpene profile than I am in its THC content. Which is actually what brings me to Yerba Buena’s Fuego Pack of Blueberry Cookies pre-rolls. Boy, do those puppies deliver a lovely nose. The woodsy, floral scent with subtle berry notes was moderate and not overwhelming, but piqued my taste buds. Combustion brought out the floral and herbal elements in the taste, maturing into a stronger and notably delicious berry aftertaste with a creaminess to it. The joint burned smoothly and evenly with a fine white ash.

I definitely enjoy a healthy ratio of THC to CBD, though I'm cool with THC-dominant flower too. This product measures at just under 15% THC with a trace of CBD, but damn did it bring me to a lovely dimension. It definitely amped up my joy and heightened my creativity. If you're someone who enjoys having all of your sensory experiences enhanced, you should definitely try this magical variety. It enhanced touch and sensuality, sounds and music, taste and food, and visually it seared a gorgeous sunset straight into my soul. I felt connected to both the landscape around me and the universe at large.

Even light strokes on our skin felt like earthquakes.

The body effects were equally incredible. It felt like sheets of golden light were slipping between the layers of my skin, like dapples of pure sunshine flowed through my body. My, ahem, “activity” partner felt the same and actually exclaimed, “Is there MDMA in this?!” This herb offered an especially magical boost to our physical and emotional connection, giving it a feeling that I'd describe as pure energy flowing between us. It not only intensified climaxes for us both but made all touch—even light strokes on our skin—feel like earthquakes. Over the few hours we imbibed, he mentioned several times that the product was “definitely five stars.” He now simply refers to their Blueberry Cookies as “the best weed ever.” And my friends concurred after we shared just half of one 0.5-gram joint between us. Truly magic at work here, people.

After completing the blind ratings, I was stoked (but not surprised) to learn that Yerba Buena was in fact the grower behind these joints. This company is known for bringing intense care and love to their environmental and cultivation practices, as well as operating with socially responsible business practices that are the gold standard for Oregon's cannabis industry. Their Blueberry Cookies pre-rolls aren’t even one of their well-known or most celebrated offerings, which blew my mind. To me, this highlights the importance of maintaining high standards throughout the cultivation process, including the happiness of the people tending to the plants.

Of course, I had to track down more. Yerba Buena’s pre-roll pack line is called FUEGO (appropriately), but they come in a variety of strains, so a dispensary might have one but not another. I ended up reaching out to Yerba Buena directly to locate some Blueberry Cookies and they were immensely helpful. My advice is to do the same if you want to get a hold of these—which, seriously, you do. Just don't try to buy it all up or you'll have to fight me. Yerba Buena’s Blueberry Cookies has already become a true all-time favorite of mine.

The Fuego pre-rolls come in a handy five-pack of 0.5g pre-rolls, a portion setting that is just perfect for me in terms of joint size, number of pre-rolls, and convenience. I'm not sure of the retail price, but honestly for me they could name it. It is really that good. 

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April 12th, 2021
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