American Pouches



Product Details

20mg THC, 0.5mg CBD
Earthy, Pine
Serving Size
1 pouch
Erythritol, proprietary coconut fiber, vegetable glycerin, organic palm oil, cannabis flakes (acacia tree gum, cannabis concentrate, potato maltodextrin), natural flavor, monk fruit extract, salt, xanthan gum

Product Description

Cannadips' American Pouches are unique little sublinguals that imitate tobacco dip. This one has an earthy clove flavor, but the aroma is almost like a strong curry. The consumption method (placing a pouch between the gum and cheek and waiting for it to goop in your mouth) is not popular with everyone, but this could be a great option for tobacco-quitters or people who like to dip. The high is often nice and chill, perfect for some deep stretching or soothing aches.

Effects Profile

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Expert Review

Is It A Cannabis Pouch Or A Gateway To A New Reality?

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Jan 03, 2019 · 5 min read

I got my sister to join me on a cannabis-pouch-fueled shopping adventure. You'll never guess what happened next.

I arrived in Los Angeles after a two-day road trip from Portland Oregon to find these delightfully eensy paper bags waiting. At first blush, I thought they were teabags, tiny sacks full of gunpowdery detritus, a fragrant blend of earth, anise, clove, and a hint of ginger. My sister, another Proper Cannabis Committee rater, was sipping a cup of hot tea brewed from one of these tiny bags. Her assumption that this was a tea bag came honest, the missing string/tag combo dripping from the edge of her mug was maybe the only indicator that this was, in fact, not tea. And after learning the true nature of this product, we both scratched our heads at the idea of just letting this sack sit between our cheeks and our gums, such is our familiarity with “dip” or “snus.”

Cannadips are a singular product in the ever-broadening recreational cannabis landscape because Cannadips are the stoner approximation of snus. If, like me, your knowledge of non-cigarette tobacco is limited to an old west cowboy caricature or a corrupt white southern sheriff caricature then, like me, you will also wonder what the modern appeal of this product is. Their website seems to be grappling with the same feeling, a mosaic of stylish Instagrams and a short video full of beautiful people, none of whom I can see actually using this product. Date night lovers with mouths full of snus? No. Manicured fingertips shoving snus between their cheeks at champagne brunch? Hell no. Passing a can of canna-dip around a bonfire as opposed to passing around a twaxed pre-roll or classic blunt? NOPE.