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Cascadia Herbals Purple Hindu Kush Tincture


Cascadia Herbals' Purple Hindu Kush Tincture is sweet in flavor and unwinding in its high. This mood-boosting sublingual tends to be balanced and calm, which can launch you into a productive fever when you mix it into your coffee. It can come on sudden and strong, but the social buzz and creative drive can point it in the right direction.

Ranked 2 of 19 in Sublinguals for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 2 of 19 in Sublinguals for feeling Euphoric.

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Purple Hindu Kush Tincture
Product Information

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5mL THC, .25mL CBD





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20mL bottle (5mL THC, .25mL CBD)

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Organic glycerin, organic cane alcohol, organic soy lecithin, CASCADIA herbals™ Ultra-Cold Mother Tincture


A Recipe For The Best Day Ever

Once I smoothed out a few kinks, this tincture proved to be a magic potion for ridiculously good days.

My typical day is 99% parenting and 1% Netflix, but my ideal day is 70% parenting, 20% work, and 10% creative projects. On those magical days when I settle into a clandestine 30% creative, a cannabis product that supports my focus and amplifies my creative vibes is wild necessary. Finding that right product can turn a productive day into a phenomenal day, and Cascadia Herbals' Purple Hindu Kush Tincture definitely facilitated one of those days for me—but not before it figuratively punched me dead in the face several times.

The revelation that strain-specific tinctures are a thing was a pleasant surprise.

Cascadia Herbals' strain-specific tinctures include such popular strains as Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck, and the object of my review, Purple Hindu Kush. My experience with tinctures has been limited, so the revelation that strain-specific tinctures are a thing was a pleasant surprise. I also love a heavy duty indica, so I was particularly excited to dose my afternoon coffee with this product. Dosing was tricky, however, because with a product like this, one or two rogue drops can mean the difference between the best day ever and a dizzy few hours locked on your couch. The recommended 20 drops I slipped into my latte delivered its 5mg of THC so powerfully that at the onset, I was literally forced to take a knee. I jelly-legged myself onto the couch to ride out the rest of the kickoff, ending up locked down for at least 15 minutes. After the intensity of the onset abated, I remained uncomfortably high for at least an hour, my mind alternately buzzing with electricity and shorting out entirely. It was nearly an hour and a half into my experience with this product that I finally found my unique groove and was able to have some fun.

A project made all the difference. Going through the motions of a typical day was a waste of time. I couldn't focus on something as banal as sweeping crumbs from a kitchen floor when my brain was crackling with creativity. As soon as I settled into a project (sketching and constructing a fly-as-fuck summer pantsuit and later plunking out a few memorable hooks at my piano), I was living my best life.

The tincture had swiftly gone from nagging intoxication with no detectable joyful qualities to a singing high that radiated creativity, focus, and follow-through. The wrecking-ball onset was countered on day two of testing with a few hits of an energetic sativa and a clear plan on how the day would be spent: 70% parenting, 30% work/creativity, and 100% fun-loving. Luckily, that pairing proved to be a major success. I spent the day joyfully creating, having spontaneous dance parties, and listening to my favorite podcasts. I was clear-headed and engaged with both my kiddo and all my concurrent projects.

I ended up finding a high so exquisitely suited for me that it’s become my benchmark for tinctures.

I will say this: Newcomers to the weed experience should build up to this product by using the eyedropper sparingly until they find their precise dose. It’s a finicky business—finding your perfect dose—but well worth your time and patience. Seasoned users may find this product to be an excellent way to medicate their meals or beverages but should also be advised to build up to the recommended dose. It’s nice to know Cascadia Herbals makes predominately organic, glycerin-based tinctures, because it makes me feel just a tad bit healthier. The brand recommends they be taken either sublingually for an effect similar to vaping or added to your food or drink for an experience more analogous to a long-lasting edible high. I was inclined to take the latter route and add my dose to a very creamy cup of coffee for both tests. So, while I cannot speak to the raw flavor of the tincture, it’s nice to know they blend so perfectly with my favorite beverage.

Before my experience with Cascadia Herbals' Purple Hindu Kush, I had a vague opinion on tinctures. I'd seen them used by the terminally and chronically ill to great effect, and perhaps for that reason I considered them to be more medicinal than recreational, and as such, simply not for me. Even as this tincture took effect, I still thought, yeah, these are not for me. It wasn't until I focused my mind and busied my hands that I ended up finding a high so exquisitely suited for me that it’s become my benchmark for tinctures. Deflecting the intense onset, planning meaningful activities, and figuring out my perfect dose were all key to my enjoyment, and once they were dialed in, I ended up with a recipe for the best day ever. 

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