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Papa & Barkley Sleep Releaf Tincture


Ranked 8 of 28 in Sublinguals for feeling Focused.

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Ranked 8 of 28 in Sublinguals for feeling Focused.

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Sleep Releaf Tincture
Product Information

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2mg CBD, 4mg THC, 1mg CBN





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15mL (30mg CBD, 60mg THC, 15mg CBN)

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MCT Oil, Cannabis

Directions: Take 1/2 a dropperful 30 minutes before bedtime. Hold under tongue for 20 seconds then swallow. Increase to one dropperful the next night if needed.


Meet Papa & Barkley’s Doze Drops

This heavenly tincture from Papa & Barkley simultaneously relieves pain and sets you up for some deep sleep.

In Review: Each 15ml bottle of the Sleep Releaf Tincture from Papa & Barkley contains a 2:4:1 ratio of CBD, THC, & CBN. It’s also easy on the stomach, and acts quickly to induce a state of tranquil and lasting rest. So if you’ve been looking to stock up on something to keep in your bedside table, look no further. This fantastic sleep aid will help you chill out after a long day, and have you waking up refreshed the following morning. So skip that melatonin or glass of wine, and let Papa & Barkley’s new tincture shine before bedtime.

The Sleep Releaf Tincture by Papa & Barkley offers an effective way to tailor your high so that you can seek the rest and relaxation you crave. I consumed a full dropper (two servings) of this CBD, THC, CBN mixture shortly before bedtime. As the directions suggested, I administered it under my tongue and sloshed it around for 20 seconds like I was at a wine tasting in Napa. The onset came on quickly, and I felt the full effects at about the 20-minute mark. It was like one moment I was just sitting there, and the very next moment I began to feel like I was being swaddled in a man sized baby blanket.

I began to feel like I was being swaddled in a man sized baby blanket.

I soon found myself watching replays of the Olympic badminton semi finals in bed, and as I followed the shuttlecock with my eyes, I could feel them get heavier with each volley. At one point, I got so entranced by the exchange I felt like I was inside a metronome, and that with each thwack of the racquet I would get further and further away from consciousness. My wife put it another way the following morning, “You fell asleep watching badminton last night.” I reminded her that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to fall asleep to badminton for another four years.

Similar to the Sleep Releaf capsules, this tincture produces no adverse effects for the following morning. I was quick to rise and invigorated from a long night’s rest. I like that this formula didn’t feel the need to include melatonin to put users to sleep, as I find that it sometimes makes me groggy the next morning. The CBN substitutes nicely in terms of giving off that sedating effect that melatonin offers some.

Having taken the equivalent of around 8mg of THC, I felt just the right amount of high to ease me to bed. It had subtle analgesic qualities, and produced a soothing mindscape that ought to help most who suffer from sleeplessness. This was an open hearted and freeing sort of high. I felt as if I was gently dissipating into the room itself and falling asleep with the world at large. 

So, when you’re counting sheep, it is almost as if you are also liberating them. Like, maybe you just opened the barn gates of your mind so that the sheep could leave an oppressive farm life, and by counting them as they embark on a new journey in life, you too feel really good about what tomorrow may bring. That’s the note of positivity I entered my slumber with. (Tortured metaphors may be the only side effect.)

The subtle yet flavorful notes compliment the easy going nature of this high.

The taste of this Sleep Releaf Tincture is layered yet barely perceptible. It contains MCT oil and whole cannabis plant extract made in a chemical free process. The subtle yet flavorful notes compliment the easy going nature of this high. It’s a very easygoing experience that should benefit those from either side of the THC tolerance spectrum. While it worked almost seamlessly to put me to bed, I also have little trouble sleeping to begin with. The real test was my wife, who can be kept up all night by the mere existence of air in the room. She swears by this Papa & Barkley tincture because it consistently helps her fall asleep without triggering her stomach issues. I can hardly think of a better testimonial than hers, when knowing full well how sleep eludes her.

Besides being an effective nighttime choice for rest, it also proved itself as a worthy way to unwind. Something to opt for instead of that evening glass of wine. This is the newest offering from an award winning line of tinctures I have used in the past, and will continue to use in the future. If you are even remotely interested in tinctures, this particular formula would be a shame to miss. By doing right by the plant, Papa & Barkley does right by their consumers. Meaning you can rest assured that this responsibly sourced sleep potion simply offers a thoughtful cannabinoids combination that offers a reliable, gentle and full-bodied experience.

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November 28th, 2022
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