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Papa and Barkley Living Tincture bottle and dropper


Papa & Barkley's THCa Living Tincture is an earthy sublingual with an oily texture. It's best at easing aches and pains while leaving you calmer and more relaxed. The higher your tolerance, the longer it will take to hit, but this tincture provides relief for every experience level.

Ranked 46 of 108 in Sublinguals for feeling Relaxed.
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Ranked 46 of 108 in Sublinguals for feeling Relaxed.

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THCa Living Tincture
Product Information

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205.48mg THCa, 195.18mg THC, 0.52mg CBD





Serving Size

One 0.25ml dose

Package Contents/Qty

One 0.5 oz (15ml) bottle

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Best within 1 year of manufacture




MCT Oil, Cannabis


This THCa Tincture Is Living Proof Weed Can Help Post-Workout

If you're not familiar with the non-psychoactive cannabinoid THCa, it's about time you introduced yourself.

IN REVIEW: For a non-psychoactive boost of pain relief, this THCa Living Tincture really does the trick. The aggressive flavor can be tough to swallow, but once you do, you'll likely find the benefits are worth it. 

Having not tried too many THCa tinctures I was excited about sampling Papa and Barkley’s non-psychoactive Living THCa Tincture. I ingested a full dropper under the tongue and it had a very sharp, nutty flavor. As it unfolded, I found the aftertaste to be largely disagreeable. It tasted more sour than of the earth. After about a minute I couldn’t taste it anymore and I settled in hoping it would kick in soon. The potency of each 0.5 oz (15ml) bottle is 205.48mg THCa and it sells for $60.

I timed my dose for the morning as I knew I’d be in great pain from the prior day’s weight training session. There is nothing like being too sore to get out of bed to remind you that you are firmly entrenched in middle age. The word on the street is that THCa is good for muscle relief and relaxation, so I figured I’d put this claim to the test.

I felt that this tincture peeled away a layer of defense that really wasn’t doing me any good.

It was a Sunday and I gave myself a lot of leeway as far as loafing around in bed goes. It’s fair to say the tincture started to kick in around the one hour mark when I had the brilliant idea of grabbing my TheraCane (a plastic J-shaped massaging tool) and going to town on my sore back. There were a few times where I was so on the money grinding into a sore spot that I could have cried out of sheer satisfaction.

Then my dog jumped on the bed and pounced down right on my injured rib. He demanded my full attention now. Apparently he had to go outside. As my wife was at her mother’s it fell upon me to put on pants and take him for a walk. I didn’t pout or ask him to wait. I just got up and did it in an uncharacteristically resigned way.

I felt that this tincture peeled away a layer of defense that really wasn’t doing me any good. I felt poised to welcome my physical pain rather than use it as a crutch. In other words, I could complain about my bumps and bruises or be grateful that I was able to still get around the way I do and that there were worse things than a rickety exoskeleton. It was about the most poignant non-psychoactive insight I’ve had through the cannabis plant and it had the added benefit of changing my mindset to a rosier hue.

As the dog and I reached the nearby park we broke out in an impromptu game of “You Chase Me and I Chase You.” It was chock-full of “in-the-moment” fits of exuberance and physical derring-do. By the time we called a truce, my aches and pains were a distant memory. I hardly remembered a time when I made dinosaur groans getting out of bed or limping down the stairs like Evel Knievel after a canyon jump. When your mind is in the moment it’s hard to feel such things.

The gift of this tincture was that I was able to bounce back quicker than usual.

Perhaps that is the true power of this THCa Living Tincture. It’s not that it takes away your pain so much as it puts you in a frame of mind that is a far cry from suffering. A general sense of wellness overcame me and the fact that I had to be at work in an hour did not imbue me with any sort of stress.

The gift of this tincture was that I was able to bounce back quicker than usual and even squeeze a yoga session in. No way I was doing that if I still felt like I did that early morning. As a recovery formula this THCa tincture worked best. I would certainly turn to this next time I am gearing up for a marathon, where it’s important that I hit all my specific training runs with ample energy.

While the flavor profile could use some tweaking it’s still a minor gripe in the grand scheme of what this cannabinoid has yet to offer. There is an unmistakable feeling of ease and comfort with this THCa tincture that makes managing all sorts of aches and pains a real possibility. The mere fact of me getting in another workout after not wanting to get out of bed stands as a testament to that.

Even outside of the exercise realm, one can envision many other applications for this tincture that can enhance your days or nights without making you high. Perish the thought.

Community Reviews

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

I have bought it twice. Its not availabe in Georgia and is hard to find in the areas in southern Calif that I want. It works very well for chronic joint pain and sleep,with out the intoxicated high or munchies. Also, no lethargic, lazy, "I could care less" feeling.

March 21st, 2022
Vivian Powell

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