Mint Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Spray (1500mg)


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25mg CBD
Serving Size
Organic Hemp Extract, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Stevia, Organic Mint Flavor

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Expert Review

Spray The Blues Away

Review by Luca Belloiu

Aug 06, 2021 · 4 min read

Redeem’s Mint CBD Spray is a handy and refreshing way to soothe aches and pains.

IN REVIEW: Redeem Therapeutics' Mint Spray is a hemp-extracted concentrate that delivers 25mg of CBD per .5ml serving. It tastes of minty coconut and is non-psychoactive, giving you an uplifting mood boost that won’t bog you down. If you’ve been looking for an effective product for your aches, pains, and anxiety, the approachable intake method and reliable effects should make this a go-to when you need to make it through. And by using organic ingredients and stevia instead of sugar, this sweet substitute for pharmaceuticals won’t cause any setbacks.

This CBD spray from Redeem had the dual function of both setting my body at ease and giving me minty fresh breath. This isn’t your grandpa’s Banaka however. This minty spray delivers a mid-range dose of 25mgs of CBD per serving with a quick onset of around 15 minutes. As I’ve been recovering from a shoulder injury, I used this liberally and often and found that it loosened me up to a nice degree.

This isn’t your grandpa’s Binaca.

There is no psychoactivity associated with this tincture spray, so I had no problem bringing it with me to work where my breath soon became a welcome respite for co-workers. Being that I had to wear a medical mask for certain portions of the day due to Covid regulations, I really didn’t mind the constant aroma of mint and coconut coming from my mouth and circulating around the inner sanctum of my K95 mask. This was a mere consolation to the bread and butter of this CBD spray, which is to say it delivers a steady stream of calm and clarity.

Having arrived late for work after sitting in some unrelenting traffic, I was not in the best of moods. To make matters worse, my shoulder was giving me issues yet again. When I finally got myself situated and administered several sprays under the tongue, it wasn’t long before I felt centered and even revitalized. It proved a subtle way to take the edge off and made me a lot more pleasant to be around. In that spirit, it’s a wonder they don’t hand this stuff out to everyone at work.

What I experienced is a break from the anxiety I was feeling earlier that morning. Like many CBD products, the effects are short-lived. Those with a lower tolerance can probably experience more of a lasting impact. This is perfect for those who seek a little relaxation without wanting to feel high. It could also make a nice substitute for that evening glass of wine you enjoy to unwind yourself after a long day.

It didn’t take much to send me adrift, and the next morning I woke up feeling fresh.

Having turned my mood around and filling me with a vague sense of wellness, I ventured to hit the gym after work. The Redeem Mint Spray allowed me to move around a little less laboriously and provided me the positive outlook required for a productive gym session. Afterwards, I helped myself to another couple sprays and found it to be a worthy recovery choice without all the sugar and bloating from my usual post-workout shakes. I was also immediately able to ease into my couch and lose myself while watching some Netflix. Having sampled this spray from early morning well into the evening, I never felt foggy-brained or sedated. I maintained a subtle buzz that was not unlike being swaddled with a warm blanket. It proved itself as an able post-workout recovery tincture that mitigated anxiety and pain.

This is a non-GMO spray that uses stevia for its sweetness and is easy on the stomach. I administered this both on an empty stomach and a full one, and I had no ill effects either way. There were moments where I settled in so nicely that I could have easily fallen asleep. By the end of the night, it also didn’t take much to send me adrift, and the next morning I woke up feeling fresh with no sign of grogginess. Redeem’s Hemp Extract CBD spray is simply a lowkey way to restore some balance to your day.