Product Details

16.7mg CBD, 3.3mg CBG
Floral, Citrus
Serving Size
MCT Oil, mugwart, motherwort, passionflower, ginger root, linden flowers, black cohosh, lemon verbena
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat1g (2% DV)

Expert Review

Xula’s Topicals Offer A One-Two Punch Of Herbal Relief

Review by Kelly Graham

Aug 12, 2021 · 5 min read

Xula’s uff! (moon + womb) Drops and (touch + soothe) Balm FTW.

IN REVIEW: Whether you have aches and pains or just want to move through your day with a clear head, Xula’s uff! Drops and Balm deliver relief in a matter of minutes. Using hemp grown on their own farm that’s blended with medicinal, female-focused herbs like Ginger Root and Cayenne Pepper, these products are clearly made for women, by women. So be it menstrual cramps, sleep, menopause, or hormonal toning, these cannabinoid blends will have you on the mend in no time.

I’m speaking for myself here, but being a woman can often come with a lot of aches and pains. From my monthly flow to my painfully cute shoe choices, sometimes I need a little extra boost to get through the day. So when I was asked to try a few of Xula’s products, I was excited to see what relief they might offer.

Xula is a Latinx and Black-owned brand, which seems to be a rarity in this white-male-dominated market. Founded in Mexico City with a focus on a balance of ancestral herbal knowledge and modern science, they’ve created a number of hemp-infused products designed to deliver target results like a full night’s sleep or a stress-free day. I was given their uff! products that are specifically formulated for the womb (although I’m sure the fellas and non-binary folks out there can use them too) to help women tap into their feminine energy when they need it most.

It was herbal and earthy, yet warm and inviting at the same time.

With both their balm and drops in hand, I decided to start with their uff! (touch + soothe) balm that’s designed for easing aches and pains around the womb, or really anywhere else that might be causing you discomfort. And since pain is something I am all too familiar with, no matter the occasion I was more than ready to rub it on my problem areas. My friends sometimes call me Peach because I have a reputation for being as delicate as the soft-fleshed fruit: meaning I bruise easily and am prone to strange injuries and illnesses.

Now that you know a little more about me, let’s get back to the goods. I opened up the coral-colored balm jar to discover a gorgeous, green-hued concoction resting inside. I had several places of pain that needed attention, so I dipped my finger inside the jar without hesitation to apply it to my hands. I type and write more than your average Joe, so the tiny joints in my hands often need a little TLC.

As I rubbed the green goodness on my hand, the somewhat solid texture easily melted onto my skin with a few gentle circles. It was a little oily but, in a good massage oil way, not in a gross, greasy way. Then, I noticed that the smell was actually quite comforting. Sort of like a spicy incense your yoga instructor might light before class, or a fancy essential-oil-infused soap. It was herbal and earthy, yet warm and inviting at the same time.

I covered my knuckles and wrist with Xula’s balm and focused on getting some work done. The balm soaked into my skin nicely, leaving it with a luxuriously soft finish. The soothing scent drifted up from my hands throughout the day, and it left me feeling clear-headed and calm.

After answering my emails, I realized that my hands did actually feel more limber than usual. At no point did my hands cramp up as I checked off my laundry list of tasks. Maybe this part was in my head, but I even felt a little more productive than usual. With nothing holding me back, I was able to get into such a good groove and conquer my day with ease.

Encouraged by the results of Xula’s balm, I decided to try their uff! (moon + womb) drops the next morning. It just so happened that my moon cycle had rolled around, so the timing could not have been better. I had not yet been plagued by cramps or a cloudy mind, but I knew they were on the horizon. Better to be preemptive, I thought.

Following their dosing instructions, I started with one dropper and held the slippery liquid beneath my tongue for a few minutes. I don’t usually enjoy taking tinctures sublingually, but this is the fastest way to get results. The taste is a bit bitter at first, but it eventually gives way to an herbaceous lemon flavor thanks to the tasty lemon verbena and lemon essential oils.

I felt like I was cruising on a sailboat, effortlessly riding every wave.

Once the first drop had dissolved over my palate, I started my usual work-from-home routine. After clearing my inbox, I readied myself for my first Zoom call, already starting to feel grounded and clear. The roughly 16 mg dose of CBD and 3 mg of CBG allowed me to conquer my meeting with confidence and ease. With this sense of deep calm, I felt like I was cruising on a sailboat, water gently lapping at my side, effortlessly riding every wave. Not a single cramp crept up, nor did any dull backaches hit that usually leave me curled up in bed.

When it was time for my second dose, I glided over to my kitchen counter and decided to put the next dropper full in my afternoon cup of green tea. While it takes longer to absorb than ingesting it sublingually, I thought the herbal and citrus notes of this tincture would pair perfectly with my light floral tea. I gulped it down with glee and carried on to have a productive, pain-free day.

Both Xula’s uff! (moon + womb) drops and uff! (touch + soothe) balm gave me a pain-free day, clear mind and cool confidence. It was as though my minor pains and busy mind got out of the way so that I could focus on just being me for a day—one might say, I was feeling myself.