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rb+ Eucalyptus Massage Oil Candle - 6oz


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Eucalyptus Massage Oil Candle - 6oz
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One 6oz candle


Coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, shea butter, soy wax, avocado oil, cbd oil, fragrance


My Newfound Zen Beats Acetaminophen

Errbshop’s unique and sleek CBD Candle offers reliable relief from aches and pain.

IN REVIEW: With soothing scents like lavender, eucalyptus and grapefruit, 120mg of CBD per tin and a drip free pour spout, Errbshop’s rb+ CBD Infused Massage Candles are as effective as they are efficient. By offering the same quality as their full-size counterpart in a compact tin, you can take one of these with you on weekend getaways to get the relief you need wherever you are, and ensure that the aftereffects of your workout never get in your way. This versatile and discreet product is perfect for everything from spicing up your bedroom activities to helping you maintain your zen state after a yoga session. 

OK, be honest. Was it just me? Is it yet another sign that I’m super uncool and hip (re: older) that I didn’t realize ‘rb+’ would mean ‘herb cannabis’? It took weeks for it to hit, but it finally did. Wow, a respectful nod to the clever marketing team over at the company. You got me!

I was greeted with a very light and delicate aroma.

Like much of the masses, I gained weight during the COVID-19 quarantine. Not a ton, but I’m a height-challenged person, so an extra 5-8 pounds really make a difference. Pants and shorts don’t fit the same, which means I spent a lot of time in leggings. I’ve been walking the dog and doing nature hikes daily for the past four months, hoping that would help. It hasn’t. 

When I went to the doctor recently, I was excited to finally have a positive answer to the question, “How much do you exercise?” With pride, I shared I’ve been walking 4-7 miles daily, but expressed frustration that my tummy wasn’t budging.

She explained that at an older age that won’t cut it. I needed to shape and tone via strength-training. DRATS!!! Well, as it turns out, I have a workout app I purchased during shutdown that I’ve been paying for, but not using (because I’m lazy). I asked my walking buddy if she would want to start doing this ridiculous workout with me, and she agreed. And we did. And we have. And we huuuuuurt! 

Lots of muscles that aren’t engaged in daily life were being fired off. The workout lady is big on ‘popping that hip’. My right hip was stiff as a board and screaming the evening after our first workout. Stiff stiff stiff, and refusing to budge. How on earth do I feel motivated to continue when it hurts so much waking up the next day?

Lucky for me, I had this rb+ CBD massage candle. I needed relief, and I needed it fast for fear I would once again find an excuse to not exercise. I lit the candle and took a hot shower. I thought I might end up smelling like a medicine shop but didn’t care so long as my body wasn’t so angry with me afterward. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did not! I really thought my room would reek of the likes of ‘Eau de Vicks Vapor Rub,’ but instead was greeted with a very light and delicate aroma. It was so mild I wouldn’t initially guess eucalyptus. 

So you can use CBD products like this and be absolutely safe driving your kiddo to basketball practice.

I blew out the candle and waited a couple of minutes for it to cool a bit before pouring a small amount into my hand. I expected it to be waxy, but instead found it was like an oily lotion. Or rather, a super hydrating lotion with an oily texture. It also didn’t absorb immediately, allowing me to spread it around as I kneaded my aching muscles. I slept soundly that night, and I woke up with my problem areas not feeling as tender or stiff.

rb+ massage candles use CBD as the active ingredient. CBD is basically the ‘non-psychoactive’ good stuff found in marijuana and hemp plants. You get the relaxing, soothing and calming beneficial effects of marijuana without any of the paranoia, compromised inhibitions, loss of clarity, or rabid raccoon garbage-eating tendencies. So you can use CBD products like this and be absolutely safe driving your kiddo to basketball practice. It’s like a zen acetaminophen.

Let’s talk packaging. The tin that the candle is housed in looks sleek and modern. That probably sounds like I’m describing a car, but if you look at the product pictures you’ll see what I mean. As a middle-aged woman, who in her early 20s spent way too much at Bath and Body Works buying all the coordinating candles, body washes, and lotions, candles always seemed to come off as more of a feminine thing to me. But the packaging of this rb+ massage candle makes it decidedly not. It’s very neutral and clean-looking. 

For ease of pouring, they’ve cleverly added a corner that serves as a pouring spout.

All the tins are black with a bold ‘+’ symbol (wink, wink) that is cleverly colored to match the scent. I tried the eucalyptus-scented candle, which comes with a sage green colored design in the lid. The grapefruit scent has a goldenrod yellow symbol, the lavender a (you guessed it) purple symbol, and the unscented option sports a white symbol. For ease of pouring, they’ve cleverly added a corner that serves as a pouring spout.

All the sleekness and modernness aside, that dang ‘+’ symbol on the lid forced a talk with my 14-year old son. He’s not a worldly teen and was confused when he saw the ‘+’ object on my dresser. I explained all about CBD and how it’s actually very helpful and beneficial to aid aches and anxiety. He understood and thought it was interesting, but I’ll probably still need to store it out of sight in case he has company over.

As an aside, I have a wedding coming up soon. With wedding things a little bit on my mind, I can’t help but think that these could make really cool and unique groomsmen gifts. A gift that would actually get used and not end up stuffed away in a drawer. Because let’s be honest, nobody really cares for shot glasses with the couple’s wedding names and date.

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September 28th, 2022
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