Body Buzz Bath Soak


Spa Day In Just A Couple Scoops

Review by Kait Heacock

Aug 05, 2019 · 3 min read

These bath salts transported me to a spa state of mind and then kept me there all night.

I waited until I visited my folks’ place on the 4th of July before indulging in a bathtime ritual with Green Revolution’s Body Buzz cannabis-infused bath salts. The reason why is that they have a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub and live in a small retirement community near a lake that makes me feel like I’m visiting a resort. To enjoy the full effect of this bath product, I figured it was best to pick the right environment, and my shower-tub combo wasn’t exactly giving off the same relaxing atmosphere.

The aroma of eucalyptus and lavender filled the bathroom and transported me to my own private cannabis spa.

I had spent most of the day outside with my family swimming in the community pool and then the lake. The weather in Central Washington is a far cry from the mild temperatures and rain of my current home in Seattle, so by the time I came inside I was drained from hours spent in the sun. I already felt tired and hot, and a bath wasn’t necessarily the best idea considering that I was expected at a neighborhood party an hour later. But this would be my only chance to enjoy the bath salts, so I drew a bath and poured a little more than the serving size of two tablespoons because I was on vacation and feeling decadent.

The bath salts had 100mg of Read the Full Review