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dosist calm formula pod


Ranked 77 of 234 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 77 of 234 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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calm formula pod
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66.1% THC, 10.9% CBD

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200 dose pod (500mg)


Dose Your Way To Chill Vibes And Reliable Relief

Indulge in the flavors and enjoy the effects—these formulas will leave you relaxed and happy.

IN REVIEW: dosist’s catalog is known to contain some of the most reliable and precise products on the market, and both of these certainly fall in line. Use their calm formula pod to explore mindfulness and ride an amiable, go with the flow sort of high, and reach for their relief option if you need a solid post-workout companion that also annihilates anxiety. Both are uplifting, unforgettable, and perfect for cannabis consumers at any level. 

The relief and calm formula pods are proprietary vape carts made to fit dosist’s Controller batteries. If this all sounds a bit futuristic, it’s because it is. Each dose is measured out in three-second intervals followed by a shut-off mechanism that notifies you with a light vibration. When I took hits from it, I couldn’t help but feel that I was a peripheral character inside a Mos Eisly cantina somewhere on the planet Tatooine. Like, I could see myself chilling in the corner of the spaceport tavern somewhere near the jazz piano while an Imperial Storm Trooper busts in and asks if I’d seen any Droids come through, and I would just take a three-second hit and be like, “I really don’t know man.” This is the initial vibe I felt with these rather cool pods.

What I enjoyed most about the relief formula was its ability to really turn down the incessant noise pattern we sometimes have in our heads.

Both products work similarly in that you feel an almost instant sense of calm. These are not big highs by any means, but rather an effective way to mitigate stress and treat aches and pains. The calm formula is 66.1% THC with 10.9% CBD. The taste is complex and slightly spicy. Hints of eucalyptus and other essential oils transport this formula to new heights, and the three-second dosage ensures you get the right amount of vape oil for a consistent high.

I found the calm formula to be slightly stronger than the relief pod when it comes to sheer “highness.” With the calm pod, I had a sense of openness that could be best described as an event organizer tearing down a maze of barricades so that you may roam free and interact without restraint. It was totally liberating. Not in an, “I’ll take my clothes off and wander in traffic,” way, but rather the sort of freedom one enjoys while taking deep meditative breaths or having a long walk in nature. It was of the introspective variety, which made the calm pod an apropos name for this sleek vape.

It also made the perfect companion piece to a short day hike I took in the Santa Monica Mountains. It offered the ability to heighten my senses and induce a greater sense of gratitude for the outdoors. Also, there were hardly any people on the trails given the hot weather, so it soon became a solitary walkabout punctuated by soothing vibes and a yearning for adventure. Just as long as that adventure had me home in time for lunch. The more I vaped (trust me I was pushing that shut-off timer to its limits) the hungrier I seemed to get. Besides that case of the munchies, this was a hassle-free experience that begged for repeat vaping.

It offered the ability to heighten my senses and induce a greater sense of gratitude for the outdoors.

I sampled the relief formula pod the following morning after a fairly intense run and weightlifting session. It has 51.8% THC and 25.4% CBD. Like the calm pod, it requires the dosist Controller battery, and also dispenses in the area of 200 total doses. The elevated amount of CBD in this pod made for an effective post-workout recovery choice. The taste has some sweetness to it, with notes of citrus and herbs. Like all of dosist’s vape pods I’ve sampled, the flavor is top-notch.

What I enjoyed most about the relief formula was its ability to really turn down the incessant noise pattern we sometimes have in our heads. Whether it’s petty grievances or obsessive thoughts, this pod really tempered the fire and left the mind a clearer place to live. In this sense, it possessed the qualities of a premium indica. Something that centers you without any of the anxiety or paranoia. I felt myself drift away on the couch while the aches and pains from my morning workout subsided. Before I knew it I’d passed out watching The Price is Right and woke up about an hour later, no worse for wear.

For those seeking a lazy river ride of gentle euphoria and tranquil waters, both the calm and relief formula pods will serve you well. The build is reliable and the dosage even more so. These aren’t the sort of vaping choices that’ll blow the barn doors off your mental hinges, they’re just a chill experience that’s ripe for relieving stress and motivating a hidden curiosity. 

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November 26th, 2021
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