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EVOLVD Tangie Cartridge


EVOLVD's Tangie Cartridge is typically inspiring. The subtle dose of creativity is masked with a happily uplifted buzz that courses through the body and mind. If you do a little digging you'll find the motivating high that lays under the surface. Just point it in the right direction and have fun, but be patient. This high can slow you down.

Ranked 127 of 226 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 127 of 226 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Tangie Cartridge
Product Information

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90.01% THC, 0.2% CBD

Extraction Type


Side Effects

Dry Mouth


California Orange, Skunk

Terpenes Profile


Grow Environment

Sun Grown

Package Contents/Qty

0.5g cartridge, 1g cartridge


I Got Tangied And Made A Fur Coat From Scratch

I can't even with this vape.

Tangie is a popular strain for a few reasons; it’s a true sativa that’s bouncy and uplifting, it reeks of sweet, overripe citrus, and its smoke has the luscious aftertaste of a marijuana daiquiri. It’s an enjoyable mouthful of smoke even if that smoke doesn’t exactly preserve the full spectrum of the cannabinoid profile, a profile containing anxiety-relieving beta-caryophyllene as well as limonene and pinene. I didn’t think that by packing bowls and blunts with Tangie I was missing out on the most remarkable aspects of its profile, but as this cartridge would reveal, I was only ever getting half the story.

EVOLVD’s CO2 Tangie extract has a beefy 90.01% THC that’s finessed by a scant 0.2% CBD. The inhale is a layered mouthful of tropical fruit, vanilla, and late-summer tangerine. The exhale is smooth with a fresh, grassy finish. With just this dense concentration of flavors alone, EVOLVD had converted me from Tangie flower enthusiast to Tangie concentrate evangelist. And that was before I even got high.

I was not expecting the next-level, focused creativity the head high unlocked.

Round one with this cartridge was initiated just as I was settling into evening relaxation mode. When the high arrived, it swept me into a hurricane of paralyzing motivation. The onset was an existential clash of classic sativa excitement and my already established chill vibes. I rode it out in a couchlock formation for a few minutes before easing into some tension-relieving stretches (face down, ass up, that's the way I like to deal with overstimulation). The high settled, zeroing in on my baseline and giving me just the right amount of pep to get into my nightly sketchbook ritual. I was not expecting that level of responsiveness.

I was not expecting the next-level, focused creativity the head high unlocked. Despite the dizzying blur of the onset, it became crystal clear and warmly introspective. I was comfortably lounging, but instead of drawing as usual, I was experimenting with new themes and subjects that would normally feel far too foreign to act on. For example, by the end of the three-hour high, I had conceptualized zodiac planetary alignments as mythical/mystical creatures and had drawn the sun as a fancy lady dragon with a diamond-encrusted nameplate necklace that read Perihelion. To put this in perspective, the prior six days of drawings were exclusively ladies with afros. No nameplate necklaces, no winged beasts of lore, no smoldering nostrils—just, like, a LOT of hair.

I was precise in logic and movement, my thoughts at once gathered and infinite.

Day two was led by the knowledge of what this cartridge was capable of, so I set myself up to follow whatever creative instinct Tangie pulled me toward, which was, weirdly, sewing my own fur coat. I have never sewn a coat before, but damn. If Tangie wasn't in my ear telling me how hard I could crush a whole-ass fur coat, I doubt I would have. I raided my textiles for the length of beige faux fur I’d bought on a whim a while ago and set about to cultivate the seeds of my own creativity. High in the sky on this citrusy cartridge, and without a pattern, a tutorial, or even a DIY blog post, I cut and constructed my own beige faux fur coat. I even figured out a full lining, which, just to brag for a sec, is a delicious psychedelic deadstock knit I scored at a thrift store years ago but could never find a chance to use. By the end of this three-hour creative fever-dream, I shit you not I had sewn a knee-length fur fucking coat with a drag-queen level reveal inside. As the high tapered off, I sent a note to the Proper team that read, “omg I just sewed a fur coat. wtf even is this vape?”

I have smoked a fair amount of Tangie/Tangerine Dream over the years, but this was the first time it had motivated and inspired me in such a clear, focused, almost mathematical manner. I was precise in logic and movement, my thoughts at once gathered and infinite. Whether it’s EVOLVD’s proprietary extraction magic or their cultivation process, this Tangie was the most Tangie of all the Tangies that ever tangied, and I look forward to the next time this Tangie and I tangle.  

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