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Friendly Farms Biscotti Cartridge


Ranked 8 of 332 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 8 of 332 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Biscotti Cartridge
Product Information

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69.05% THC, <2% CBD

Extraction Type

Live Resin

Side Effects



Gelato #25, South Florida OG

Terpenes Profile


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500mg cartridge



Friendly Farms’ flavorful Biscotti cart offers a gentle body buzz and calming peace of mind.

IN REVIEW: This live resin cartridge was born of a collaboration between Friendly Farms and Connected Cannabis. With a Girl Scout Cookies backbone, true-to-form terpene profile and 69% THC, this indica-leaning vape will definitely provide some escape. Be it a bad day, aches and pains or insomnia, this cart offers endless smiles and good vibes that will have you quickly forgetting whatever’s bothering you. This one earned such a high score for a reason, and we highly recommend you let its sweet & smooth pulls set you on a course for calmer waters.

I recently spent a week helping family move and get settled into their peaceful new farm. The weather was warm and sunny, yet cool and crisp, perfect for getting some things done around the property. It's a magical place that slows down the pace just enough to allow yourself to be enveloped in the fresh, cedar-scented air. Undeniably my favorite part of being out in their neck of the woods. Let me describe my setting. A spacious plot of land sitting next to a national forest, packed with pine trees bordering the river's edge, with alpaca, llama and hemp farms on both sides. It’s an area filled with a variety of farms growing various things, and every expansive inhale takes you to a place of serenity.

A treat that helped keep me motivated without any hindrance concerning my energy or focus.

We had some real work to get done. Boxes to unpack, a vineyard to prune and grounds to clean up, and I definitely thought it would be a good idea to bring some extra stress relief with me. (Both for working and relaxing.) I’d been dealing with some pain and discomfort in my lower back, and with the pandemic, it’s never been easier to be struck by a bout of anxiety. That's why I have a partnership with this sacred medicinal plant. Whether it's a couple of pre-rolls, some low-dose edibles, or vape-able concentrates, all are convenient to consume, making relief a quick thing to come by.

I settled on a live resin cartridge for this trip, a nice little indica created through a collaboration between Friendly Farms and Connected Cannabis Co. A little about these two brands that I’d seen around the industry for some time, but had yet to try. Friendly Farms is a concentrate brand creating terpene-forward extracts by using whole plants from high quality farms. They take pride in the quality of their innovative products, and as a brand, they focus on removing the stigma of cannabis use, and take time to help their community through their “Give Back Program.”

Connected Cannabis Co is a designer flower brand that grows high-quality recreational and medicinal cannabis products in Northern California. I know they had some storefronts, but it seems they’ve moved more into the collaboration and wholesale game, which makes sense nowadays. They focus on a few select strains at a time to streamline their process and maximize their quality. This collab is distillate free and all natural from plant to pen, with no additives whatsoever.

The cart I tried was filled with a live resin Biscotti, an indica that results from the crossing of Gelato #25 and South Florida OG. It was time to prune the vineyard, something I’d never done, but I was stoked to get going and get ready for the next crop. Since it was a new property to them, they didn’t know what kind of grapes were growing, so it was pretty fun to figure it out! It was also a fine time to fire up the vape. It was the perfect compliment to all of the work that was going down. A treat that helped keep me motivated without any hindrance concerning my energy or focus.

It has layered flavors of gassy terpenes and warm, cozy, creamy cookies.

As you initially open the secure box and little tube, you’re hit with an earthy diesel scent. Sharp and sweet. The first hit was not far from this first impression. It was a smooth smoking experience that takes you on a delightfully tasty journey. It has layered flavors of gassy terpenes and warm, cozy, creamy cookies, almost buttermilk like, for a supremely sweet finish. It’s legit like you just ate a freshly baked biscotti. As I started my second row in the vineyard, my high continued to come on like a gentle rush. It was a consistent sense of calming and uplifting relaxation. A nice balance between the high and the hard work. The chill vibes lead me through the day, and I felt cool, calm and collected even when my high got a little more intense.

I never felt paranoid, zoned out or straight up too stoned to focus. My breath and movements were smooth and seamless as I went from crop to crop. This vape just kept me relaxed and on task, and it also provided some relief from my achy lower back. It was like sitting next to a warm fireplace wearing your favorite layers, but portable and not too potent a form of pain relief where I needed to be couch locked. The effects didn't last forever, in a good way, and they left with a sweet and subtle goodbye. I really enjoyed this high, as it seemed very versatile for different activities or experiences. It's a product that all levels of cannabis connoisseurs could enjoy, and I would highly recommend using it to assist in aches and pains, stress and anxiety, or even a little laid back outdoor exploration. This balanced indica was simply the perfect pairing for my breathtaking farm adventure.  

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April 20th, 2021
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