Zkooby Znakz High THC Cartridge - 1g



Product Details

90% THC, 3% CBG
Sweet, Candy

Product Description

Zkooby Znakz, indica High THC Cartridge 90+% THC | <1% THC | CBG Modeled after Guava Berry x Zkittlez Flavor: Tangy, Berry, Sweet Aroma: Sweet and piney Feeling: Happy and relaxing Top Terpenes: beta-Caryophyllene, alpha-Pinene, alpha-Humulene There’s more to cannabis than THC. We highlight alternate cannabinoids in our products to provide you with a richer high. This product is accurately formulated for consistency and quality. The high potency you want for that big hit, with crafted terpene blends for excellent flavor. Consistency and purity are key. We use the strain terpenes to provide you the same high, every time. Paired with mindfully engineered hardware for the best oil preservation and flavor enhancement. Distillate done right. Recommended Voltage: 2.5-4V

Effects Profile

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