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Kurvana ASCND Cosmic Glue Vape Cartridge and Package


Kurvana's Cosmic Glue vape cartridge in their ASCND line brings you a strain baby of GG4 and Space Queen. The potency is pretty high, so watch your hit count. The flavor is reminiscent of a sanitized lemon, but the high can leave you feeling calm, clear, and creative with a touch of spacey. You'll likely feel stuffed up but still functioning, making it good for working on an afternoon project. Read our full review of this cartridge below..

Ranked 102 of 170 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 102 of 170 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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ASCND Cosmic Glue
Product Information

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83% THC, .17% CBD

Extraction Type

Full Spectrum

Side Effects



Gorilla Glue #4, Space Queen

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Package Contents/Qty

500mg cartridge


Vacation Vibes In A Pen

California brought the sunshine, but this cartridge brought the carefree attitude.

Ah, vacation. A common daydream amongst many Portlanders as the cold and dreary months of winter set in. In November of last year, I decided to get some sun and head down south to Southern California. A vacation wouldn't be complete without my favorite cannabis companion: a trusty vape pen. Ultra discreet with very little smell as well as boasting super-charged levels of THC, vapes make it extremely easy to get stoney just about anywhere.

Being that the entire West Coast is enjoying legal recreational cannabis, I decided to take the opportunity to sample some of SoCal’s best offerings. The last time I had a cartridge from a California shop, vapes had just come into the market and to be real, they sucked. Everything from clogged mouthpieces to full-on oil leaks plagued many brands, making it a pretty unreliable way to get baked. However, five years later and with a ton of advancements in cartridge technology, those common issues are becoming a thing of the past. One cartridge I found to be a perfect example of those said advancements was the Ascnd Cosmic Glue cartridge by Kurvana.

Design-wise, the clear mouthpiece was a cool add-on.

Kurvana is a brand that prides itself on ethically sourcing organic cannabis free of any pesticides or other nasty chemicals. Going the extra mile, they not only get their products tested by third-party laboratories but also test in-house to ensure only the purest of products leave the facility. They skillfully craft a full-spectrum distillate that retains all the natural terpenes of the strain, making for a more dynamic experience. Sporting a ceramic cartridge that preserves all those tasty terps during heating, Kurvana cuts no corners bringing their customers the best vaping experience possible. Right away, I was stoked by the fact that the cartridge was clearly labeled with a brand and strain name that made it stand out from other similar-looking products. Design-wise, the clear mouthpiece was a cool add-on, allowing for easy viewing of the vapor as it traveled to my mouth.

As for the oil itself? An interesting cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Space Queen, I prepared myself for a potentially foggy experience. On my first puff, I was rather surprised by the the balanced euphoria that washed over me. A bright head high with a touch of soothing body vibes represented both strains perfectly. The draw felt a little thick at first, but after exhaling, I was pleased with the robust cloud it produced. A strong pine-like floral flavor covered my entire mouth and stuck with me just long enough after exhaling to give me enough time to appreciate its complexity. The high that followed was equal parts energetic with a nicely stoney body high. On a warm, partly cloudy day at Venice beach, I found this to be the perfect high for a bike ride on the beach.

The high that followed was equal parts energetic with a nicely stoney body high.

If kicking back is a little more your style, fret not. Thanks to the Gorilla Glue portion of this stain providing a social yet chill high, I had no qualms puffing away on the Cosmic Glue while passing it around to friends while at a bar. The overall solid construction of the cartridge allowed me to enjoy every last drop of this fine oil, which can be an issue with other brands.

All in all, this Kurvana cartridge is truly a fine product, folks. Health conscious and high quality, the Cosmic Glue cartridge is an easy choice when trying to decide amongst what seems like a never-ending selection of vapes. At either $45 for a half gram or $70 for a full gram of oil, they tend to be a slightly pricier option. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and with Kurvana the extra few bucks is well worth the outstanding performance of their cartridges. As the new California recreational market continues to mature, I see Ascnd being a leader in the oil cartridge category. If you've been turned off by inferior cartridges in the past, I highly recommend giving the Cosmic Glue a go. I know it took my sunny, SoCal vacation to the next level. 

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