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Legion of Bloom Clementine Monarch .5g


Ranked 134 of 305 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 134 of 305 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Clementine Monarch .5g
Product Information

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83% THC

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Full Spectrum

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Tangie, Lemon Skunk

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0.5g cartridge


A Top Tier Companion for a Casual Afternoon in the Sun

This sweet, citrusy and comforting extract is exactly what your Sunday brunch has been begging for.

IN REVIEW: Legion of Bloom’s Monarch Carts are filled with some of the cleanest concentrates on the market. These solventless, strain-specific, terpene-infused vapes offer reliable effects that leave a lasting impression without completely taking over your day. Every pull is smooth, the effects will lift you up without taking you too high, and you can rest assured that there’s no heavy crash on the comedown. Just take a hit and get on with your day, or session it out from breakfast to bed to keep yourself lifted and loving life.

Legion of Bloom is an award-winning cannabis extract brand founded by farmers. They create eco-conscious, high-quality extracts, and are obsessively devoted to the cannabis plant itself. And boy does it show. Just take a few long pulls from one of their products, and you’ll soon discover how that dedication manifests as a top-tier experience. When I first tried their Clementine Monarch, I was delighted by how its flavor, and even its subtle scent, managed to embody some of the things I love most about cannabis flower. It tastes and feels clean and clear, and knowing they’re eco-conscious makes puffing on their vapes all the more enjoyable.

 I felt a calm euphoria that seemed to match the sunny weather and an immediate mood boost that left me perky and pleased. 

My first experience with Legion of Bloom’s Clementine Monarch was during a walk through the sunshine-drenched streets of Santa Barbara. It was a Saturday afternoon, but having taken a few days off prior for a long weekend away, it felt more like all the best parts of a casual Sunday—without any of the scaries. Vape cartridges don’t typically have much smell, but I always do my due diligence and use my sniffer to try and pick up whatever I can; this one was subtle, but definitely gave off some sweet citrus notes.

My boyfriend and I took a few deep pulls, and those citrus notes filled our mouths along with a touch of familiar flower-esque earthiness. On the backend, I picked up a perfumy note that, combined with the more obvious citrus flavor, made the whole thing taste just a little bit like bottomless mimosas at your favorite brunch spot.

Speaking of brunch, once we were sufficiently stoned, we wandered our way to the day’s brunch locale. Santa Barbara is bustling with incredible food options, so it’s actually pretty difficult to pick one. Once we settled on a spot, we took our seats in a quiet corner of a very well-distanced patio. The high was kicking in, and while the body high wasn’t particularly powerful, I felt my senses heighten.

The sunshine was washing over us, and I felt somewhat electrified by its warmth, as tingles danced across my skin from the cool breeze blowing through. I felt a calm euphoria that seemed to match the sunny weather and an immediate mood boost that left me perky and pleased. I felt sociable, but not necessarily super chatty. If you’re the type of person that likes to be with a big group of friends, but enjoys being the quieter one along for the ride, this is a perfect high for you.

I ended up eating way more of my Eggs Benedict than I initially intended, partially because the biscuit it was on was just so dang good, but I’m also pretty sure the high was at least a little to blame. Once we were done, and my belly was right and properly full, we meandered away from our brunch spot and back into the historic and adorable streets of Santa Barbara. We felt soothed and relaxed, but not in a heavy or tired way. More in a feeling-good-and-peaceful kind of way. Eventually, we found our way over to El Presidio, an itty-bitty historic state park right in the heart of Santa Barbara built by the Spanish back in 1782.

The high truly embodied what it feels like to feel connected to the sunshine.

Being in the presence of such history felt big and beautiful, and I really felt like the high enhanced the experience. We explored the aging grounds and took in the stunning architecture that filled the quad. The historic site was juxtaposed with a particularly modern and hip half-coffee shop, half-bicycle shop that was absolutely my jam. We walked over, perused the biking accessories and accouchement, and grabbed a couple lattes. The cafe was a bit packed for our comfort level, so we decided to go back across to El Presidio and hang out on a bench in the shade. I’m never not stoked to be drinking a hot latte, but the high made me slow down and truly appreciate the smooth, delicious liquid as it flowed from my cup and into my mouth. We people watched for a while, but I eventually wanted to get out of the shade and back into the sun.

After a little while longer, it was time to head home. We packed up our things, headed out, and hit the highway, with me staring out the window at the cerulean ocean sparkling in the mid-day glow. As Santa Barbara faded into our rearview mirror, I felt the high start to fade away as well. It wasn’t a very long one, but it left gently and comfortably, making it easy to session if you’re aiming for a longer experience.

In the end, I feel like the high truly embodied what it feels like to feel connected to the sunshine. It’s bright and delightful, warm and familiar, and it doesn’t ask too much of you. It’s a high you can hang with and keep things casual. Next time you’re meeting some friends for brunch, or spending the day in the sun, I definitely recommend bringing along Legion of Bloom’s Clementine Monarch as the perfect sunny companion.

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June 22nd, 2021
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