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Neutron Genetics Mars OG Pax Era Pod


Sounds like the perfect high: "My mind was free to wander the edges of my imagination without completely losing touch with the present moment." Try Mars OG PAX Era pods and lose yourself as your brain wanders untethered. Full review is below.

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Mars OG PAX Era Pod
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69.67% THC, 0.21% CBD

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Mars, OG

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0.5g pod


Spaceship For One, Please

Neutron Genetics Mars OG Pax Era Pod is ready to take you there.

N REVIEW: If deep thinking and space travel are your thing, say hello to Neutron Genetics Mars OG Pax Era Pod. The effects gently lift you off to another dimension with a smooth landing back on Earth—and it’s small enough to fit in nearly any spacesuit. Expect to feel spacey, with your thoughts jumping around from crater to crater, but the effects are never heavy enough for you to need to make a mayday call. Keep this sidekick handy for all of your evening adventures.

As I made my walk home on a warm Los Angeles evening, I found myself buried in my brain and reaching for the vape in my purse. Being that I’m an ever-prepared stoner, I made sure to load my PAX Pen with Neutron Genetics Mars OG Pax Era Pod as a special treat.

I do some of my best thinking on long walks home from the train at night. The stillness of my neighborhood, the sky twinkling in all its nighttime glory, and the alone time with just me and my Pax Era Pen all lead to some seriously deep reflection.

I took my first drag of the evening, and my palate was met with a slightly funky taste, earthy undertones and notes of pine and lemon zest. While the taste was pleasant and enjoyable, it wasn’t necessarily anything to write home about. That being said, the mouthfeel was smooth as can be and left me wanting to take another drag. I obliged my desires, and happily puffed away as I made the stroll home.

My muscles loosened and almost seemed to melt off my bones as I snuggled into place.

It was one of those LA nights in the middle of another heatwave where you look forward to the sweet release of sundown. As I inhaled more of the herbaceous vape and anxiously awaited the sunset, I watched the sky dance with oranges and pinks, and felt the refreshingly cool breeze begin to roll in from the steaming earth.

Once the sun finally dipped below the horizon, I felt the world around me breathe a collective sigh of relief, welcoming in the chill of night. There seemed to be a calm that overcame my mind, while a quiet hush fell upon my neighborhood. Even the dogs walking past didn’t bark or jump up at me, as if my inner calm was rubbing off on the world around me.

As I embraced the wave of relaxation overcoming my senses, I lazily looked up at the moon slowly starting to rise into the night sky. Its glow lured me in, and I imagined myself like a little moon woman, exploring the cratered surface. Needless to say, I was feeling a little spacey and was ready for more—I took another long drag in the hopes of going all the way to Mars.

Feeling inspired by both the name and the spaced-out vibe, I decided to grab a book and take in the stars from my rooftop. I threw on some bike shorts, a comfy tee, and cuddly socks before filling a bowl with popcorn and stashing my Pax Pen in the pages of my book, noting its sleek portability. Feeling prepared for a trek to the roof, I ascended the stairs and readied myself for a relaxing evening spent under the stars.

I found an empty chaise and made myself comfortable. My muscles loosened and almost seemed to melt off my bones as I snuggled into place. I cracked open my book and my vape fell from the pages, right into my lap. I took that as a sign that I should take another hit, so I gladly inhaled more of the Mars OG Pax Pod.

My mind was free to wander the edges of my imagination without completely losing touch with the present moment.

I attempted to read a few pages of my book before getting lured back into the glow of the sky. The moon glimmered down on me as I scanned the heavens, feeling completely in tune with the universe around me. I found myself wondering what it would be like to actually go to Mars: What would we wear? How do the rocks feel under your toes? And can you grow weed in space?

Pondering those important questions, I took in a deep breath, feeling grateful for a relaxing evening with just me, myself, and I—and my weed of course.

Overall, the effects were the star of the show when it comes to Neutron Genetics Mars OG Pax Era Pod. While I was sometimes on the verge of completely zoning out, I still felt grounded and utterly zen. My mind was free to wander the edges of my imagination without completely losing touch with the present moment. My body felt loose, limber, totally relaxed, and ready for a zero-gravity experience.

While I never did quite make it to the moon on my journey, the Neutron Genetics Mars OG Pax Era Pod will get you as close as can be without your feet ever leaving the ground. 

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August 7th, 2022
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