Mango Sherbet Pax Era Pod


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71.2% THC
Sweet, Mango

Product Description

Oregrown's Mango Sherbet Pax Era Pod is reminiscent of a fruit-flavored wine with its sweet vapor and slightly sour notes. The resulting high is typically calm, relaxed, and happy. It's a comfortable and casual mood boost, so lay back on the couch and unwind.

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Expert Review

There's A Champagne Supernova In This Vape

Review by Brianna Wheeler

Oct 18, 2018 · 4 min read

Vapes have come a long way from vapor boxes, my friends.

My first experience with a vaporizer was in 2003 at the Museum of Marijuana in Amsterdam. After a short tour, I was encouraged to try the newest in stoner tech, a “smokeless pipe” that was allegedly poised to revolutionize cannabis use. It was a wooden box about half the size of a loaf of bread, topped with a bell jar containing a silver bowl overflowing with bud that was apparently included in the price of admission. A small digital face gave temperature readings from the front of the box and hits were taken from a long plastic tube attached just below. The inhale was indistinguishable from drawing a natural breath. A museum docent coached me through my hit, “Don't suck so hard, breathe it in like air.” There were no crackles of combustion, no prickly inhale or vaporous exhale, just one medium-deep breath of weed-scented air from a little Dutch breadbox.

As I sit here a decade and a half later, holding a PAX Era vaporizer (in the palm of my fucking hand!) I am beside myself with nostalgia. And that is 100% due to Oregrown's Mango Sherbet extract, a pillowy, bubbly sativa that I found just as good for daily duties as winsome reminiscences.