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Peak Extracts Cherry Wine Cartridge


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Cherry Wine Cartridge
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2.5% THC, 64% CBD

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Cherry Wine

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Sun Grown

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500mg cartridge


Seasonal Depression Is No Match For This Cartridge

Loaded with CBD and a whisper of THC, this cartridge gave me the peace of mind I needed to survive another dreary winter's day.

Late winter in the Pacific Northwest is always oppressive. The sun never quite rises past eye level, it’s always freezing but rarely snowing, and everything is so damn damp. To add injury to insult, there’s still an entire freezing mud month we have to wade through before we get to the first hopeful hints of spring. It’s straight-up depressing, and for someone with a predilection for the blues, it can be downright unbearable. Some folks catch it in the dog days of summer, others in the placid moribund fall months, but my seasonal affective disorder is at full strength in the waning weeks of winter, which is precisely why I melted with anticipation when I saw I’d be testing a CBD-forward CO2 cartridge. CBD has been a panacea for my seasonal despair, and this gem landed at my doorstep in the nick of time.

Peak Extracts calls Portland home, so if anyone understands what it takes to medicate away seasonal blues, it should be the experts at Peak. Their proprietary CO2 extraction process preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids, and in the case of their Cherry Wine cartridge, a powerful 64% CBD supported by a sweetly uplifting 2.5% THC.

The rich, woody flavor of sweet port wine was a sort of backdrop for the tart notes of pine and cannabis flower.

On the first day of testing, I was in an ultimate, bury me alive, set me on fire, nihilist depression spiral. The sun hadn't been out in days and I was beginning to wonder if I even remembered what daylight was. I screwed the cartridge into my vape pen, set it to low, and prepared to blast this depression out of my ears like steam from a kettle. The rich, woody flavor of sweet port wine was a sort of backdrop for the tart notes of pine and cannabis flower. The exhale was dense and satisfying; a velvety vapor that perfumed the air with hints of cherry blossom. I hit the pen two more times and awaited my desperately needed relief.

In the moments that followed the first hit, I felt the strangle of my depression loosen. It continued to abate, but it never quite dissipated completely. I wouldn’t dare complain—even the slightest relief was more than welcome. Over the course of the dank, sunless afternoon, my mood grew lighter and lighter. I was enjoying myself. I was enjoying my family. Even the godforsaken frozen hellscape I was railing against so venomously had suddenly become unusually tolerable. As the high developed further, supported by the seemingly innocuous boost of THC, it placated me more and more, until my dark cloud had shrunk to almost nothing. It was still there. I could still feel it, but it was finally small enough to sit on, so it was okay.

My second round of testing was during the evening of yet another chillingly moist winter day. Again, I was seeking a ladder to rescue me from the pit of sadness I kept falling into. These short winter days are especially destructive when it comes to healthy sleep cycles, and if I could hibernate all winter, I would not hesitate to gain 50 pounds and move my family into a cave. But hibernation isn't an option, so I’m easily thrust into an unhealthy pattern of insomnia and depression sleep, bouncing back and forth between sleeping way too hard for way too long and not sleeping at all. So on round two, my mission was to let this Cherry Wine cartridge medicate me to sleep. And medicate me to sleep it did.

My mind quieted and my sadness evaporated.

I took three long drags from my vape pen and relaxed into the couch while the high settled. It arrived in the same way it had the day prior, with a gentle loosening of my nerves that encouraged my wakeful malaise to kick rocks. And again, as the highly developed, my body inched closer and closer to a normal night’s rest. My mind quieted and my sadness evaporated. On a night that otherwise would have kept my bloodshot eyes wide open until just before (fake) sunrise, I drifted off to sleep at a responsible hour and got a badly needed night of comfortable rest.

Bottom line, Peak Extracts executed an exemplary product with their Cherry Wine CO2 cartridge. The psychoactive whisper of THC was a perfect foil for the existential pain-erasing qualities of the CBD. And while the Cherry Wine strain has always had a stellar reputation for its powerful CBD, I have never experienced it so expertly produced. My use was related to seasonal depression, but I can see this cartridge reducing pain and inflammation as well as quieting anxiety and stress. This, my friends, is a cannabis panacea at its best. Use frivolously and often.

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