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The flavor is true cannabis, the high is energetic, and simply amazing if you want to get out and do shit.



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The new standard in vape pens—pods are an updated take on the standard cartridge, and are brand and device specific. Bluetooth enabled for dialed-in temperature controls, just insert the pod and inhale.

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Full Spectrum



Side Effects

Dry Mouth


Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer

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Grow Environment


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500ml Gio Pod


Yard Sale Day Was No Match For This Pod

I cleaned the basement, sold all my junk, and hosted a dinner party with the help of one Super Jack Gio Pod.

I love vape pens for everyday use. I love keeping a pen in my pocket to discreetly draw on between daily errands. I love how easy they are to travel with and how varied the options are for extracts. I love how they don't stain my fingers or leave them stinking of resin. All the reasons I love vape pens are evident in the G Pen Gio and Super Jack Gio Pod from Pistil Point. This tactfully sleek vape is a notch more sophisticated than a common pen battery and has the tongue-in-cheek humor of a sci-fi collectible (I swear this pen looks like a communications device from the year 3018). And Pistil Point's adjoining G Pod filled with Super Jack extract offered a well-developed buzz that graduated perfectly into a manageable high with a variety of benefits—namely focused energy, considerable patience, and heightened problem-solving abilities. So, I did the logical thing and auditioned this combo over the course of three specific events: basement cleanup day, yard sale day, and a dinner party hosted by yours truly.

New users will have to read the manual lest they unknowingly put a thumb right over the glowing G and end up in a coughing fit.

The G Pen Gio battery looks a cross between a toy Lamborghini and an expensive USB drive. It’s activated by inhalation, which means there’s no button required, and it’s charged via micro USB. The pen is designed exclusively for G Pod cartridges and, for our purposes, Pistil Point’s bright, herbal, 73.4% THC Super Jack extract. The G Pen Gio definitely has personality, but every person who interacted with it at my dinner party turned it over in their hands three or four times before understanding where to draw from. This makes sense since the micro USB charging slot and the slot for inhalation are on opposite ends of the almost perfectly symmetrical device. The glowing G on the body should indicate to the user which end is up, but it’s invisible until the user draws from the pen—kind of a catch-22 if you ask me. It’s also supposed to light up to indicate the length of the draw, but the light-up G is small and easily obscured by a thumb, so new users will have to read the manual lest they unknowingly put a thumb right over the glowing G and end up in a coughing fit.

But my dinner party was not day one of testing. That honor belongs to basement cleanup day. That shit required so much physical, emotional, and intellectual effort, and this pen was my saving grace. One hit gave me the patience to create a plan to attack a very cluttered office and storage area with my partner. Two hits gave me the focus to dive into several hours of uninterrupted cleaning and organizing. From the morning until late afternoon, I relaxed into a super-productive, comfortably focused groove.

What's more fascinating about this extract was how my body remained so agile throughout the day. I knew I should have had sore shoulders from lifting so many boxes, sore hips from so much squatting, and sore arms and wrists from so much scrubbing, but my body never gave out. I had to bench myself for fear of potentially overdoing it and paying for it the next day. Still, my next day’s soreness was inconsequential at best—certainly something to remember for the next long afternoon I spend absorbed in some vigorous, repetitive physical activity.

Day two of testing was defined by the yard sale that followed the epic basement cleanup. I usually need a solid hour of quiet solitude in the morning to prepare to face the world, but not on yard sale day. On yard sale day, the dawn belonged to the pocket change of my earliest rising neighbors. Thankfully, two substantial tokes of the Super Jack allowed me to sail through the most painful part of the yard sale: talking to these people and trying to get them to buy our trash. The G Pen afforded me patience that bordered on asinine. Mind you, I am surprisingly impatient for a stoner. Moments that could have easily overwhelmed me rolled off my back. Like multiple elderly women climbing over each other to ask me about different pieces of jewelry overflowing from a freezer bag. Were they going to fight over my mom’s old earrings? I wondered. No, but there was definitely elderly tension in the air.

The Super Jack Gio Pod mitigated several of my social stressors.

Then there were the literal gangs of middle-aged male hoarders, their vans overflowing with garbage as they skulked through my clothing racks and dragged a very specific stink through my yard. One man had the audacity to ask me how much money I’d made. I told him, “Enough to take the rest of this crap to the dump.” The Super Jack Gio Pod mitigated several of my social stressors (like fighting grandmothers and mumbly trash hoarders) without numbing my mind or body or sending me into an anxiety spiral. I was simply able to manage all of these things without breaking a sweat.

The bottom line is that Pistil Point has created a product that is mild enough for everyday use, yet potent enough to keep me interested. The G Pen Gio is a friendly enough delivery device, but unless you want to give a ten-second tutorial to everyone you share it with a party, stash it away for personal use only. 

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