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Stiiizy Birthday Cake Premium THC Pod - 1g


Ranked 67 of 317 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Ranked 67 of 317 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Birthday Cake Premium THC Pod - 1g
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85.93% THC, <2% CBD

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1g Stiiizy Pod


STIIIZY’s Birthday Cake Is A Party In A Pod

STIIIZY’s Birthday Cake is a tasty, joy-filled vaping choice ripe for any get together.

IN REVIEW: Each proprietary Birthday Cake Pod from STIIIZY packs in 85.93% THC and easygoing effects that are equal parts relaxing and euphoric. It has a sweet, cake-like flavor that makes it a pleasure to vape from breakfast to bed, and it's a solid option for weed-filled weekends or evenings when you just need to get out of your head. Great for socializing, relaxing, and reducing stress—this indica-dominant hybrid simply makes a formidable opponent to life’s more difficult days, or your new best bud for any upcoming birthday parties.

I packed this along for a weekend getaway to celebrate my friend’s, you guessed it, birthday. It proved to be the perfect companion piece to a day spent relaxing by the pool at some fancy schmancy Airbnb in wine country. We were even treated to an expansive view of a vineyard and I wasted no time kicking my feet up and filling the grape-scented air with the sweet smell of STIIIZY’s Birthday Cake.

This is a potent yet manageable high that’s sure to elevate any conversation, or simply set your mind at ease.

They say that birthdays come but once a year, yet I found that with this STIIIZY the celebratory atmosphere can last about as long as it takes for you to vape one gram worth of this decadent pod. It’s the kind of vape you relish while lounging around with friends and leaving your woes behind. This is a potent yet manageable high that’s sure to elevate any conversation, or simply set your mind at ease.

When I arrived at this weekend getaway shindig, I immediately spotted an oval shaped hot tub that was connected to an infinity pool, with both being bracketed by two giant sculptures of what appeared to be space-age grasshoppers. Clearly this place had class, so I wasted no time throwing on my Budweiser swimming shorts, queuing up some Phil Collins and taking a dip in the ‘cuzzi. It only took a few vapes to complete the tableau and bring forth this euphoric wonderland. A place where problems are a mere figment of one’s imagination.

Being that we made it a prerequisite to get Covid tested before arriving, we didn’t stress the cipher. Everyone took a hit off the ol’ Birthday Cake because after all, this was a birthday party. It was as if we’d been transported to an earlier and more innocent time, and all of us were all in. What seemed apparent was that the jokes started flowing more freely, and a sense of genuine joy began to permeate the atmosphere. This Birthday Cake STIIIIZY is totally conducive to being social and sharing with friends. It’s a total body high that leaves you feeling light and relaxed.

This is a clear headed high that left me with no anxiety or adverse side effects. The taste is delicious and calls for repeat vaping. But be careful, as this is also no push over. You feel every bit of the 85.93% THC, and there was one moment where I thought the intergalactic grasshopper sculpture was going to crouch over and let me ride it across the vineyards of Paso Robles, not unlike Atreyu riding Falkor in The Neverending Story. 

Unfortunately, that sensation passed, and I was able to refocus my attention on my pal’s drunken story about something or another. Speaking of which, I also didn’t feel out of place being the only one not downing alcoholic drinks at that moment. I felt perfectly comfortable and on par when it came to hijinks and letting go. As a substitute for booze, this would make a fine selection.

It’s a total body high that leaves you feeling light and relaxed.

Let’s not forget that at its basest level, it’s just a fun vaping choice for any birthday get together or gathering. People will be like, “Hey is that a birthday cake themed vape your smoking there?” Then you can roll your eyes and be like,”Well this is a birthday party, is it not?” Then everyone will laugh and applaud and probably think to themselves, “Now that’s one cool customer.” Let’s also not forget that this would make a clever birthday gift idea. I would have gifted my STIIIZY, but it was the only one I had, so my buddy would have to settle for a few pulls and a horribly wrapped bottle of Mezcal.

Ultimately, the Birthday Cake vape by STIIIZY brings the party to the party. It’s a euphoric pleasure dome to be enjoyed with others. At once relaxing and joy inducing, it makes for an exemplary hybrid choice, be it at a birthday party or not.

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December 5th, 2022
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