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Stiiizy Blue Dream Pod and packaging

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Blue Dream Pod
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90.77% THC

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Blueberry, Haze

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500mg pod


Dream It Up, Then Do It Up

This true-blue pod is a dream with its reliable staying power

IN REVIEW: STIIIZY’s Blue Dream Pod packs 90.77% THC and a reliable mood boost into their proprietary pod. Keep this handy to turn your frown upside down and combat anything from anxiety and depression to the Sunday scaries. While this strain is a fan favorite to get you going and turn your day around, it’s also perfect for making any good day that much better. Seasoned stoners can go at this with confidence, but newbies and lightweights should start slow. 

STIIIZY's Blue Dream pod is a surprisingly potent offering that instills you with a sense of wonder and untapped energy. At 90.77% THC, this vape pod delivers a hefty dose of euphoria without the baggage of unwanted side effects.

The notes of berry and pine really shine through in this vape oil. I sampled this product during the day, and reveled in its ability to alleviate stress while keeping me focused enough to tackle both a workout—and my daily responsibilities. From almost the moment I woke up, I was feeling the stress of another day getting lost in the news and watching a world in turmoil. I was a veritable cocoon of pent up frustrations and anxiety, and if there was ever a time to partake of a toke or two—this was it. This Blue Dream strain managed to counteract those negative emotions in a way that vape oils seldom do. I welcomed it as a way to shift from my earlier perspective of negativity to one of positivity.

The Blue Dream kept me level-headed throughout and freed my mind and body to such a degree that it resembled more of a dance than a wrestling match.

For me, one of the best ways to keep your mind right is to get a good training session in the books. Not all strains are suitable for a workout, but I could feel that the STIIIZY Blue Dream Pod was more than up for the task. There was this undeniable level of energy it gave off, and I could think of no better idea than heading over to my friend’s house for a little Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu session. As a like-minded individual, my friend was also high, which made for some fun training.

We sparred with increasing intensity for the first hour, while making sure to pause for water and vape breaks (keep in mind we’ve been training for years in both activities so please workout and smoke responsibly). The Blue Dream kept me level-headed throughout and freed my mind and body to such a degree that it resembled more of a dance than a wrestling match. Or at least that’s what I told myself. It probably looked more like two middle-aged guys moving in slow motion, but at least to me, it felt like a moving meditation. I was able to lose myself and tap into that “flow state” where muscle memory took over and all of my hang-ups just up and vanished.

Before long we took another break and parked ourselves on some chaise lounges in the backyard. His yard having a nice view of the Conejo Valley made for some prime vaping real estate. As the Blue Dream calmed me, I sank deeper into the chair and closed my eyes. The sounds of birds, distant lawnmowers, and wind chimes melded together and created an ethereal soundtrack to a most peaceful state of mind. In this regard, the Blue Dream worked well not only as a pre-workout partner, it was also a new favorite post-workout pal. Before long we were ready to go for a few more rounds, and we wound up doing just that.

I was able to lose myself and tap into that “flow state” where muscle memory took over and all of my hang-ups just up and vanished.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this vape oil was the way it made me push myself—like it shut off the pain valves and allowed me to tap into a deeper well of consciousness. This feeling of energetic exploration lasted for an unusually long time.

Between our workout session and just lounging out in my friend’s backyard, this high added an exclamation point to each experience. It’s not often that I get to just switch off and stare deep into the great blue yonder, watching California Condors circle overhead and letting the cool breeze transport me. It was heavenly, but it was soon time to go. By the time this high offset, I felt no worse for wear. I wound up sleeping like a baby for what became an hours-long nap.

When it comes to Blue Dream vape carts in general, the STIIIZY pod proved more potent than most. Functionally speaking I wished the pod itself had fit more snuggly into the battery, but once you get it to pull it’s all smooth sailing. This sativa option comes in half and full-gram pods, works effectively as an energy booster and stress reliever and allows for creativity and inspiration while keeping you in that dreamlike state. 

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February 28th, 2021
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