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Winberry Farms Mango Super Silver Haze Cartridge


Winberry Farms' Mango Super Silver Haze Cartridge offers a mango flavor and fruit punch aftertaste. While the vapor can provoke the occasional coughing fit, the high is typically consistent. You can expect a strong, uplifted head high and a subtle buzz in the body that only lasts a short while. It tends to come on hard and dissipate gently, so it's good for a quick mood boost.

Ranked 139 of 226 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.
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Ranked 139 of 226 in Vape Pens for feeling Euphoric.

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Mango Super Silver Haze Cartridge
Product Information

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67.1% THC, 2.8% CBD

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Super Silver Haze, Mango Haze

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1.1ml vape cartridge


From AM Traffic To Late-Night Sexy Times

This cartridge carried me through a hectic morning and into one steamy evening.

The thing I like best about vaping cannabis oils is the discretion it affords me. I can puff my trusty pen almost anywhere, at almost any time, and get a high equal to or better than what I might experience from a sticky joint or an unctuous cloud of bong smoke. Don't get me wrong, I love those things too, but I’m not always interested in smelling of freshly smoked weed, especially while parenting a three-year-old. And I’m far from alone. I either hear other parents whisper vape recommendations in hushed tones on the playground or see them sneak tiny tokes from their own discreet devices.

It’s less Cheech and Chong and more Productively Focused, Chill AF Adult™. 

Beyond discretion, vaping provides unique, strain-specific highs, a scientific step up from the dopey indica or buzzy sativa highs many of us are accustomed to. This enables users to tailor their experience so that it’s less Cheech and Chong and more Productively Focused, Chill AF Adult™. My point being vapes are perfect for parents. I know firsthand the luxury of selecting an oil that will quiet my mind without knocking me out or an oil that will bring clarity to my morning, setting me up for a productive and comfortable day. And in rare cases, I can find products that do both. Winberry Farms’ Mango Super Silver Haze cartridge was one of those products.

On the surface, Winberry Farms’ Mango Super Silver Haze cartridge is indistinguishable from the litany of vape cartridges currently available in Oregon, partly because you can use it with any pen battery that accepts a 510 thread cartridge or atomizer. I used a Vuber Pilot battery set to medium. The intake was smooth—no pops or crackles—but be warned a draw lasting more than 3-4 seconds will likely result in a coughing fit. The flavor and aroma were mostly unremarkable, save for the touch of black pepper and fruit punch on the exhale. The true value of this concentrate, however, arrived not in its flavor or mouthfeel. This concentrate was remarkable in its capacity to brighten up my morning, revive a late afternoon, and complement a relaxing evening. But what's more remarkable still? This cartridge has the potential to fuck you the fuck up.

I could tell after my first hit just how nuanced and complex this high was. A second hit was just enough to reap the benefits, even though each hit was a conservative 3-4 seconds. The high began with a cool tingle (the spooky-ooky type that precedes a cold sweat) that traveled up my neck leaving a wake of goosebumps. As the momentary chill fizzed away, the feeling became equal parts clarified, stimulated, and focused. Two hits with my morning coffee launched me into a productive day wherein everything that needed doing got done with little to no resistance. I stayed calm and cool in terrible morning traffic and articulate and engaged during a particularly chatty appointment. I careened into a well-earned afternoon of relaxation with no plummeting comedown. In fact, as the high faded, I managed to enjoy a strong sense of calm well after my two conservative sips had petered out.

I can’t name one other product that so positively affected my whole day from my morning coffee all the way to my late-night climax.

The same evening, after I put the kiddo to bed, I had a second dalliance with this Winberry Farms cartridge. And that’s right about when I discovered the intoxicating potential of this concentrate. One hit gently nudged my body closer to its natural inclination to relax. Two hits planted me squarely on the couch. But three hits, a pint glass of pinot grigio, and a shared joint ignited the vape’s effervescent sativa, propelling me off the loveseat and right onto my husband's lap. The stimulation and focus from the morning were the perfect foil to the wine’s loosening of inhibitions and the mystery bargain joint’s straight-up crimson-eyed stoniness. The vape acted like a cushy psychotropic foundation, supporting the best features of the wine, the joint, and my husband’s dick.

Winberry Farms’ Mango Super Silver Haze cartridge supplied not only a crystalline and motivated morning, but it also cast a rosy glow over the rest of my day, eventually opening up my legs, bending me over, and putting me to sleep. I can’t name one other product that so positively affected my whole day from my morning coffee all the way to my late-night climax. I can only recommend users start conservatively, building up slowly to their desired level of intoxication rather than hitting it as if it were a burning joint. Two hits in the morning was a brilliant way to start the day, but who knows where three hits would have landed me? Let’s be real—probably in bed with a vibrator.

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