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Oregon is, quite literally, overflowing with weed, so you'll have no trouble finding the best highs available here.

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Creative treats for pot foodies.

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Pure CO2 cannabis extract in a buttonless steel vaporizer pen.

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Recent Reviews

Meet The Macaroni And Cheese Of Edibles

When you combine your favorite comfort food with energizing, upbeat effects, the possibilities are endless.

The Hot Tub Time Machine Of Pre-Rolls

Trout's Flower Blend Pre-Rolls will tickle your senses.


Leif Goods' Carrie Solomon On Reinventing Oregon's Edibles

Leif Goods is raising the bar on chocolate bars. CEO Carrie Solomon explains how she and her team did it.

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From The Journal

Your Weed Workout Survival Kit: Portland Edition

Whether you're looking to sink into a stretch or up your cardio game, this cannabis kit has your back (and your abs).

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Wyld Edibles, Ranked

After reviewing Wyld's full line of gummies and chocolates, we ranked them from just OK to true perfection.

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Weed To Make Workdays Great In Portland

Whether it's the TriMet or deadline anxiety holding you back, trust that I've got you covered.

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The Stoner Parent Survival Kit: Portland Edition

These products help you calm your nerves, get in the moment, and rock this whole parenting thing.

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