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Find Your High.

Your guide to discover and buy the right cannabis for every situation.

Recently Rated by the Committee

The Proper Cannabis Committee has spent 30,000+ hours to date testing cannabis products so you can experience only the best. Check out their most recent verdicts here.

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Featured Collections

Your 8AM Kickstart

These products are here to increase energy, uplift your mood, and clear out whatever cobwebs might be keeping you down.

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Bubble Bath Bliss

Whether you're a big fan of bath time or need a little help sitting still, these products will help take your bubble baths to the next level.

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The Country's Top-Rated Products

The Committee has spoken. If true perfection is your thing, check out the USA's top-rated flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and more right here.

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Best Weed For A Creative Boost

Calling all makers, creators, and concept cultivators. Look to this list the next time coffee just won't cut it.

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Microdosed Products For Precise Highs

Whether you're looking to boost an existing high or initiate a barely-there buzz, finding the right dose is key. These products can help lead the way.

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Social Highs Worth Sharing

The memes are right—socializing is hard. Whether its mild anxiety or tiredness holding you back, these products should help coax you out of your shell.

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Brands We Love

Good Flower

Good Flower is only grown with purified water and organic practices and they customize every plant's environment by strain and stage in the growth cycle to assure you quality, consistent flower.

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Kin Slips

Kin Slips wants you to put trust in the science behind getting high. They developed a highly efficient, sublingual intake method using natural, plant-based ingredients so your experience can be simple, discreet, and effective.

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Pure Beauty On OG Love, Mini Joints, And Social Justice

After chatting with the brains behind some of our top-ranked pre-rolls, it's no wonder they're crushing it.

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From The Journal

Jeff Laub, Blind Barber

The founder talks flower, fitting in, and taking the LSAT.

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Oliver Higgins, Higgs Pre-Rolls

We met up with Higgins to discuss fake strain names, smoking at work, and how he created beautiful yet functional packaging.

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1906 Founder Peter Barsoom Explains What Makes A Premium Edible

How a New York state of mind led to fast-acting edibles with precise effects.

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This Cannabis Just Wants To Have Fun

The ladies of Proper went deep over a LEUNE-fueled brunch, discussing vape flavors, pink taxes, and the pros and perils of gender-specific marketing.

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Calming High-CBD Highs

Loaded with CBD and a touch of THC, these products left Committee raters feeling calm and balanced. They won't stop mercury from going into retrograde, but they should help it suck less.

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About Proper

The Proper Score Explained

We built Proper because we had to know: which cannabis products are the best of the best? To do that, we had to pull together a panel of experts, build an app to help them rate products, and find a way to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points. Keep reading to learn how we did it.

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This isn’t your average weed delivery service. Because it's powered by Proper, Parcel is uniquely equipped to improve your relationship with cannabis. The days of buying weed Russian roulette-style are over. And we’re here to help.

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