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Proper is the most sophisticated way to discover and shop for cannabis.


Whether you prefer to microdose with mints or chow down on cannabis-infused chocolate, Kiva has an edible for you.

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Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters’ vapes and edibles are dependable, solvent-free and offer a hard-hitting lesson in discretion.

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Old Pal

From daily smokers to dads reliving the glory days, Old Pal’s shareable products are perfect for every user.

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Papa & Barkley

Be it a cute origin story between man and beast or premium products, Papa & Barkley has the fuzzy feelings and reliable relief you’re after.

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Claybourne Co.

Claybourne’s approach to cannabis is much like our own, which is to say they focus on the individuality of a strain over a simple indica, sativa or hybrid designation.

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With the help of a few P.hDs, LEVEL’s stealthy and healthy products aim to teach us that there’s more to cannabis than THC.

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Through empowerment, education and premium products, Caliva's elevating the industry and reminding us that not all big brands are bad.

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Cann’s highly rated beverages give you every opportunity to savor each unforgettable flavor. Stock up, sip, repeat.

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dosist’s proprietary vapes and dose dials create the perfect cross section between sci-fi and getting high.

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Since day one Select's focus has been on product safety, and commitment to setting standards around pesticide, hardware, and oil testing.

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Find Flower Nearby

Indoor or sungrown, infused or low-dose, we make it easier than ever to find fresh flower nearby.

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Find Vapes Nearby

If you're looking for a discreet cannabis companion for any activity, use this list to stock up, stay high and fly under the radar.

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From The Journal

A Proper Dive Into P&B Kitchen’s Elite Edibles

Papa & Barkley’s small-batch, artisanal edibles were built for microdosing.

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Introducing Country’s Light Pre-Rolls

These approachable pre-rolls will help you smoke your way to a more successful day.

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Sundae School's Founders Love Tiny Joints And Big Creativity

The BFF team behind Sundae School talk fashion, channeling creativity, and never re-lighting joints.

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Introducing LEVEL’s PROTAB+ and PROTAB 100s

LEVEL’s new PROTAB products will show you heavy hitters can have a higher purpose.

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Top CBD Brands

These CBD brands raise the belt outside of the ring as they help you recover from life’s harder-hitting moments—meet the CBD champions.

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About Proper

Who We Are

Call us crazy, but we think you should know what to expect from a cannabis product before you buy it. That's why we set out to test every legal cannabis product on the market. Learn how and why we set out to find the best products for sleep, relaxation, relief, euphoria, arousal, focus, and energy.

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The Proper Score Explained

The Proper Cannabis Committee rates and reviews cannabis products in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington so you can find not just the best products—but the right high for you, near you. Here's how we evaluate products and generate scores.

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Proper requires all users to be 21+ and needs location access to find products nearby.