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I want to feel relief

Cannabis is a growing option for pain management, but with so many choices out there, we thought Proper could narrow it down for you.

Best CBD Brands

These brands raise the belt outside of the ring as they help you recover from life’s hardest-hitting moments—meet the CBD champions.

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Recently Rated Relief Products

The Proper Cannabis Committee is fueled by raters with a variety of lifestyles, including the aches and pains they deal with. These are their most recent pain-relieving finds.

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A Proper Guide To Cannabis-Infused Topicals

An explanation of what topicals are, how they work, and if they might fit your needs.

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A Quick Guide To Cannabis Extraction Methods

Wondering how concentrates are actually made? We're here to help.

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How To Survive Your Period With Cannabis

Cramps and mood swings should be afraid of these products.

CBD-Packed Products For Non-Intoxicating Relief

These products won't get you high or intoxicated, but they can alleviate the everyday aches and anxieties that get in your way.

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Relaxing Cannabis For Your Next Spa Day

These products should turn an average trip to the spa into a day of blissful recovery.

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Relieving Reviews

This One's For The Athletes

Now I know what I'll be reaching for next time I'm in recovery mode.

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I Punted My PMS With The Help Of These Truffles

Just as I was entering the hellish apex of pre-menstrual symptoms, this rocky road truffle spared me from going down in flames.

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From The Journal

Weed Wellness 101 With Papa & Barkley

With whole-plant extraction methods and a story to melt your heart, Papa & Barkley is a leading topicals brand for a reason.

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Your Guide To Working Out With Weed In California

Take the aches out of your post-workout recovery.

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4 Topicals, 2 Bad Knees, And One Steep Mountain

A comprehensive review of everything I tried while trying a survive a climb up Mt. Whitney.

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Cannabis Topicals For Chronic Pain

Cannabis has been used to treat pain since its discovery, but now we have the luxury of modern design and weed science. If you're someone who suffers from chronic pain, one of these topicals could be your heaven-sent miracle rub.

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Topicals To Feel Relief

If you're looking to keep it concentrated on the spot that's bugging you.

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