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Vape Pens

Cannabis tech at its most convenient. Your lungs and lazy side will thank you.

Best Vape Brands

The high of the future is now! Researchers haven’t followed through on flying cars, but they might get a pass for providing the most advanced, discreet and reliable vapes to date.

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Featured Vape Brands

Sunday Goods

Thoughtfully designed from seed to sale, Sunday Goods crafts that ideal Sunday-morning high. It doesn’t hurt that their packaging’s beautiful too.

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Island is defined by their mission to nurture creativity, grow sustainably, and support their local community. These standards aim to find you the best possible cannabis all year round.

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Focusing Vape Pens

When the pressure's on and you're fresh out of ideas, know you have a better action plan than skipping town and assuming a new identity. These products are known to increase focus, stimulate creativity, and make otherwise stressful tasks feel fun.

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Recent Reviews

A Gold Friend Indeed

"This vape was my wing-woman just when I really needed one."

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The Pen Of My Dreamsicles

"With a nostalgic flavor and hopeful vibes, this pen pulled me out of a post-disaster slump."

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What You Can Expect To Find In Legal Vs Illegal Vapes

Vape-related illnesses are on the rise. Here's what you need to know to stay safe.

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A breakdown of Proper Pax Era-powered highs for the discerning vape consumer.

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Dosist Pens, Ranked

Because not all dosist pens are created equal.

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The Best Vapes For Every Situation

To separate the stars from the freeloaders, we had our committee of expert raters test hundreds of all-in-one vape pens, PAX Era pods, and 510-thread cartridges.

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This Cannabis Just Wants To Have Fun

Learn how LEUNE is making affordable disposables that can complete your next girl's day.

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