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I want to feel focused

Turn your spaciest days around and hone into your workflow with these productive highs, curated by Proper.


Artists And Scientists Explain How Weed Helps With Creativity

Believe it or not, there is a right way to get creative with cannabis.

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The Workday Survival Kit: California Edition

If you live in California, then you know it's not always as chill as everyone makes it out to be. Take the heat out of your deadlines and keep calm in the office with this dialed-in kit.

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Best Weed For A Creative Boost

Calling all makers, creators, and concept cultivators. When in need of a little something extra, look to this list. This is the best weed for a little extra inspiration.

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Good For Getting Shit Done

There's no greater rush than checking items off your to-do list so the next time you're low on motivation and high on to-dos these are the products for you.

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Creative Cannabis For Creative Californians

Whether you're into flower, vapes, or edibles, we've got you and your muse covered.

Focused Reviews

These Are Not Your Mom's Granola Clusters

Potent and zippy, these weedy bites will help you crush that workout or all-you-can-eat buffet.

Yard Sale Day Was No Match For This Pod

I cleaned the basement, sold all my junk, and hosted a dinner party with the help of one Super Jack Gio Pod.


Weed To Make Workdays Great In Portland

Whether it's the TriMet or deadline anxiety holding you back, trust that I've got you covered.

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