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Topicals & Suppositories

Let's get physical.

Recently Added Topicals

While topicals don't get scores like the rest of the consumables on our site, you can rest assured the products in our catalog are hand-picked and top-notch.

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Best Topicals Brands

If your knee could smoke a joint it would, so check these trusted balms, patches and tinctures to give your chronic pain the targeted relief it deserves.

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Featured Topicals Brands


By combining clean cannabis with their unique essential oil blends, Apothecanna designs products to deliver therapeutic qualities for every situation.

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Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley creates cannabis-activated wellness and lifestyle products that can provide relief beyond conventional pain treatments.

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Pain Relieving Suppositories

The suppositories on this list might not have a score, but rest assured they are curated from only the best brands in the space. For targeted pain relief, start here.

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Cannabis vs. Acne: Our Top Picks

Don't pop or pick. Use pot.

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Recent Articles

A Proper Guide To Cannabis-Infused Topicals

An explanation of what topicals are, how they work, and if they might fit your needs.

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Weed Wellness 101 With Papa & Barkley

With whole-plant extraction methods and a story to melt your heart, Papa & Barkley is a leading topicals brand for a reason.

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Arousing Cannabis For Your Next California Sexcation

Turn up the heat and then some with these relaxing, arousing products.

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4 Topicals, 2 Bad Knees, And One Steep Mountain

One of our very own Committee members gives a comprehensive review of every topical she tried while trying a survive a climb up Mt. Whitney.

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The Best Cannabis For Road Trips

Gear up for your next road trip with CBD products for drivers and zoned-out, giggly highs for passengers.

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CBD Is Non-Psychoactive And Other Myths

To get the most out of CBD, all it takes is a little understanding.

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