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Recently Added Topicals

While topicals don't get scores like the rest of the consumables on our site, you can rest assured the products in our catalog are hand-picked and top-notch.

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A Proper Guide To Cannabis-Infused Topicals

An explanation of what topicals are, how they work, and if they might fit your needs.

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Arousing Cannabis For Your Next California Sexcation

Turn up the heat and then some with these relaxing, arousing products.

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The Best Cannabis For Road Trips

Gear up for your next road trip with CBD products for drivers and zoned-out, giggly highs for passengers.

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Cannabis vs. Acne: Our Top Picks

Don't pop or pick. Use pot.

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Topicals To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Bring a little something extra to the bedroom and spice up your love life with these topicals.

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4 Topicals, 2 Bad Knees, And One Steep Mountain

One of our very own Committee members gives a comprehensive review of every topical she tried while trying a survive a climb up Mt. Whitney.

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