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Proper is the most sophisticated way to discover and shop for CBD brands and products.

Top CBD Brands

These brands raise the belt outside of the ring as they help you recover from life’s harder-hitting moments—meet the CBD champions.

Featured CBD Brands


By combining clean cannabis with their unique essential oil blends, Apothecanna designs products to deliver therapeutic qualities for every situation.

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Every product is organically sourced and designed with luxury leanings, which is why The New York Times has dubbed the brand as the "Hermès of Marijuana."

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From infused mints to hemp honey—CBD edibles offer an approachable entry point for the cannacurious, and reliable relief for users at any tolerance level.

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Vape pens offer a discreet method of consuming CBD on the go, and their targeted effects cover the whole spectrum of what this cannabinoid has to offer.

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CBD capsules offer a simple and shelf stable way to consume cannabis anytime, and their easy intake and pure ingredients make them a go-to when you're just trying to make it through.

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