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Highs you can sip on.


A Proper Guide To Cannabis Beverages

If you're not sure how to navigate the brand new world of weedy beverages, start here.

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Featured Brands


These cannabis-infused teas are organic, delicious, and precisely dosed for a smooth onset and pleasant high. Talk about giving a new meaning to High Tea.

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Premium coffee and cannabis? Don't mind if we do. By blending the best of the best, Somatik has crafted unique highs that are at once uplifting and balanced, perfect for active weekend mornings.

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Boozeless Beverages We Love

Who needs alcohol when you’ve got weed? These products pack all the vibes and none of the hangover.

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Soothing Drinks Worth Sipping On

Like the green tea you get from Whole Foods, only better. These soothing beverages will lull you into a mindful state of existence.

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