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Discover industry leaders with the highest scores for a higher you.

Top Selling Brands

Bake our moneymakers. Check out these brands to see why their products lead in sales time and time again.

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Best Flower Brands

From the most talked about new trees to your favorite OGs, get going, get down or get to bed with our highest-rated flower.

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Best Vape Brands

The high of the future is now! Researchers haven’t followed through on flying cars, but they might get a pass for providing the most advanced, discreet and reliable vapes to date.

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Best Edibles Brands

From low-dose chilling to having a religious experience, these edibles from our leading brands will get you where you want to go.

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Best Pre-Roll Brands

Be it for a beach day, road trip or hitting a show, check out this list for the best grab and go.

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Best Concentrates Brands

Beginners beware, these brands offer up the double black diamonds of the cannabis world—but the seasoned stoner will find products pure as snow that are more than worth the ride.

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Best Topicals Brands

If your knee could smoke a joint it would, so check these trusted balms, patches and tinctures to give your chronic pain the targeted relief it deserves.

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Best Pill & Sublingual Brands

Drug dealer, meet drug store. Welcome to the medicinal side of marijuana.

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Women-Owned Brands

All hail the cannabis queens! Take a quick look above at #1 in our most popular brands. With women-owned brands popping up left and right, you don't even have to ask who runs the world.

Social Equity & Minority-Owned Brands

Celebrate and support Black- and minority-owned brands by purchasing their premium products—and know that every cent you spend spurs change.

LGBTQ+ Owned Brands

Make your cannabis purchases count, celebrate equality and contribute to positive change by shopping these LGBTQ+ brands all year long.

Best CBD Brands

These brands raise the belt outside of the ring as they help you recover from life’s hardest-hitting moments—meet the CBD champions.

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Best Budget Brands

Break expectations, not the bank with brands that redefine what it means to shop cannabis on a budget.

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Best Accessory Brands

Pair the products you find above with their perfect counterpart. Shop the brands offering time-honored and technology-driven accessories ready to refine and ramp up your experience.

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