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Life's too short to roll your own.

Featured Pre-Roll Brands

Stone Road

Stone Road is best known for producing silky smooth pre-rolls and pure, organically grown flower.

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Claybourne Co

Claybourne’s approach to cannabis is much like our own, which is to say they focus on the individuality of a strain over a simple indica, sativa or hybrid designation.

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Did This Introspective High Just Make Me A Better Person?

On a day that could've barreled downhill and then some, this pre-roll lifted me up—and then some.

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An Old Dog Learns To Enjoy Some New Joints

Lowell Farms' Lively Hybrid Pre-Roll Pack proves the joint is a classically intimate way to consume cannabis.

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Recent Articles

Alive & Kicking Reminds Us Not To Sacrifice Experience For Effects

Evan and Ryan focus on sharable and sessionable pre-rolls to offer balanced bud for any situation, be it an on-the-go solo toke or smoking circle.

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Aster Farms Puts The Soil First

This California cannabis brand is putting sustainability at the forefront for a better environment but also a better smoking experience.

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10 Pre-Roll Brands Hotter Than The California Sun

Forget about ever rolling another joint by hand.

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Sundae School's Founders Love Tiny Joints And Big Creativity

The BFF team behind Sundae School talk fashion, channeling creativity, and never re-lighting joints.

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The Best California Pre-Rolls For Every Situation

Last updated: November 2019

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Jojo Yang: Engineer, DJ, Philanthropist

Jojo Yang explains why she loves rolling joints, taking her Puffco Peak to parties, and doing electrical engineering while high.

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