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Life's too short to roll your own.

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Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty prizes indoor-grown, high-quality flower above all. Still, it shouldn’t come as a surprise their packaging is gorgeous. After all, the clue is in the name.

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Sherbinskis is a proudly loud and premium cannabis brand dedicated to the plant and its surrounding culture. Their flower is grown to share and highly sought after, so you should think about snagging it when you see it on the shelf.

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The Best California Pre-Rolls For Every Situation

Last updated: November 2019

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Most Potent Pre-Rolls In California

All of these pre-rolls are available in The Golden State, and they have a THC content of 25% or higher.

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Relaxing Joints For Pondering Life

Whether you're trying to crack the space-time continuum or give your brain a night off, zoning out can be healthy—even necessary.

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Jojo Yang: Engineer, DJ, Philanthropist

Jojo Yang explains why she loves rolling joints, taking her Puffco Peak to parties, and doing electrical engineering while high.

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Did This Introspective High Just Make Me A Better Person?

On a day that could've barreled downhill and then some, this pre-roll lifted me up—and then some.

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An Old Dog Learns To Enjoy Some New Joints

Lowell Farms' Lively Hybrid Pre-Roll Pack proves the joint is a classically intimate way to consume cannabis.

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Buyers Guide

7 Pre-Roll Brands Hotter Than The California Sun

Forget about ever rolling another joint by hand.

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Pre-Rolls Perfect For Outdoor Adventures

Just as there are cannabis products that will wed you to the couch, there are just as many that will inspire you to charge into the great outdoors. These products will increase energy, joy, and appreciation for your natural surroundings.

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