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Long-lasting highs your mouth will thank you for.

Best Edibles Brands

From low-dose chilling to having a religious experience, these edibles from our leading brands will get you where you want to go.

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Featured Edibles Brands


Plus's blended team of food and cannabis experts has created a symbiotic cannabis confection so consistent and enjoyable it's no surprise they make some of California's most popular edibles.

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Born from a blend of art and science, Kiva is dedicated to providing you with a consistent experience through cannabis-infused candy.

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Sleepy Edibles

For a full-body buzz that'll carry you through the night, start here.

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Kiva Edibles, Ranked

From pretty good to true perfection, we ranked Kiva's gummies, chocolates, and mints so you know what's up.

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Wyld Edibles, Ranked

After reviewing Wyld's full line of gummies and chocolates, we ranked them from just OK to true perfection.

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Plus Edibles, Ranked

We reviewed these doseable edibles to help you find the perfect Plus one for any party, and a reliable sidekick when flying solo.

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The Top 15 Chocolate Edibles, Ranked

We regularly rate and review the best chocolate cannabis confections around to give you the lowdown on some sweet highs.

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Leif Goods' Carrie Solomon On Reinventing Oregon's Edibles

Leif Goods is raising the bar on chocolate bars. CEO Carrie Solomon explains how she and her team did it.

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The PCC ranked and reviewed all of Kanha’s gummies to let you know which ones are worth your money.

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1906 Founder Peter Barsoom Explains What Makes A Premium Edible

How a New York state of mind led to fast-acting edibles with precise effects.

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Low-Dose Edibles To Take You From Day To Night

Because finding your perfect dose shouldn't be a chore. Newcomers, this is the guide for you.

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Kiva’s Terra Bites, Ranked

Our PCC members mined Kiva’s Terra Bites to find these time-honored treats turned microdosing masterpieces.

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Breez Edibles, Ranked

The PCC’s ratings and reviews are here to help you Breez through your day with these mints and sprays.

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