Cannabiotix (CBX)

Cannabiotix is a cannabis company like no other. Deeply rooted in the industry since the days when the trade was underground, their R&D team is constantly breeding new, exclusive strains that deliver a balance of old school vibes with a new exotic feel. Scroll down to find their fire nearby.

About Cannabiotix (CBX)

Cannabiotix (CBX) has a deep history in the cannabis industry, and they honor it every day. They collect rare heirloom genetics and breed award-winning strains with one-of-a-kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles found nowhere else in the game. Their commitment to trichome preservation is rooted in the past, and they continue to deliver the same quality product as when they first started. With a focus on preserving the best aspects of the cannabis industry to push the community forward, CBX is boldly redefining the weed world one glistening, resin-rich bud at a time.

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Los Angeles, CA