Weed To Help You Fake The Fall Spirit In California
Guide by Morgan S
Oct 01, 2019 · 4 min read

Delude yourself into thinking that it’s actually fall with the help of these products.

Welcome to October, the greatest month of the year. Fall has begun, the kids have shuffled off to school again, and the time for spooky stoney shenanigans is upon us. It goes without saying that weed can only make this season better. The right products can make corny haunted houses more exciting, ever-so-slight temperature changes more enticing, and hot cider all the more relaxing. California may not be known for having the coziest or colorful fall season, but what we lack in actual weather we west coasters make up for with festive crafts and delusional thinking. With the right weed, you may just trick yourself into thinking it’s actually sweater weather.

The Proper Cannabis Committee has discovered the best cannabis for every autumnal activity and more through thousands of hours of blind ratings and product testing. So you can rest assured these are the right products to float you through this season’s festivities. Grab your cardigan, grab your window AC unit, and get ready to get into the fall spirit or die trying, goddamnit.

Good for: picking pumpkins in 85-degree weather
Potency: 5mg of THC per gummy
These spicy-sweet gummies have a mildly energizing and upbeat high that soothes the body with a head-to-toe buzz, which should pair beautifully with the search for your perfect Jack-O’-Lantern canvas. Enjoy this happy high while you bake under the California sun alongside a valley of pumpkins and gourds.

Good for: binging-watching Halloween movies
Potency: 5mg of THC per piece
Kiva's Blackberry Kiva Bar is a chocolate edible with a sensational flavor and subtle berry infusions. The high is often uplifting and powerful, while the relaxing body buzz lets you curl up with a perfectly smooth onset. Use this high to zone out into your Halloween classics and stuff your face with the bargain candy you got at the grocery store. I mean, who can resist that variety bulk bag deal? Pair with a cup of coffee if you want to go the extra mile with your movie marathon, and don’t forget to search far and wide for Hocus Pocus before you get high.

Good for: keeping calm in the corn maze
Potency: 25.72% THC, 5.95% CBD
CRU Cannabis' White Buffalo flower is an earthy sativa that delivers a clean hit and an uplifting head high. This high is destined to be spent outdoors, so use the relaxing body buzz to keep your tensions low when you’re wondering if you passed that particular stalk of corn five times already. Expect your mental awareness to increase as you take in all your surroundings with extra perception. Just smoke it before you enter, and for the love of gourd, please don’t set the farm on fire.

Good for: spiking your venti iced PSL
Potency: 2.3mg of CBD and 0.2mg of THC per dose
Rosette's CBDA Tincture has a flowery herbal flavor, which isn’t likely to overpower the flavor of your favorite autumn beverage. It doesn't provide much of a psychoactive high, but it does deliver an overall sense of calm. Use this to keep anxiety at bay and feel as calm and cool as an October afternoon should feel.

Good for: spending the day baking pumpkin bread
Potency: 30.16% THC
Fade Co.'s Fire OG pre-roll is a single-origin indica joint with a subtle, fresh flavor of dry wood and citrus. This high is often happy and relaxed, which pairs perfectly with a laid-back Sunday afternoon of taste-testing every pumpkin and squash-based recipe you’ve been itching to try. Pick out your recipes, get your ingredients out, and light up. You’ll be baking with a smile on. Spooky background music optional.

Good for: inspiring your autumn Pinterest projects
Potency: 18% THC, 0.1% CBD
This flower doesn’t just look ready for a fall photoshoot, it also has the focused yet upbeat high to match as well. The balanced high should be inspiring, so use this time to glue fake leaves of every warm tone to whatever decorations you can get your hands on. This is ideal for a day of crafting paper bats and hanging Halloween lights, and the peaceful comedown should leave you relaxed enough to quietly admire your creations with a cup of hot cider.

Good for: a casual seance by the bonfire
Potency: 16% THC
These Thin Mint GSC pre-rolls provide a subtle body high while the uplifting head high should leave you happy and buzzy. This is ideal for spending the night with friends, especially under the moonlight with a bit of lighthearted witchcraft involved. Light this joint up around a fire and let the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve flow through you. And should you feel inspired to break out the ouija board and summon your wacky dead uncle, this high should help you transition into that kind of party mode as well. 

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