Camino By Kiva

While regular roads can take you to a new place, Caminos take you to a new state of mind. Though it’s hardly a road less traveled, as they've been a leading gummy for years with their custom cannabinoid combinations & natural terpenes profiles that create a highly-tailored edible experience. Shop Kiva's other brands: Kiva, Petra, Terra, and Lost Farm.

About Camino by Kiva

Camino is the leading gummy brand of Kiva, a cannabis edibles company that specializes in crafting high-quality products people can’t get enough of. With Camino (“road” in Spanish), Kiva offers mood-enhancing gummies that transport users to a unique "California State of Mind," as each tin is inspired by a specific stop along the historic highway, El Camino Real, which extends 600 miles up the California Coast. So grab a tin, dig in, and make your own adventure with these microdosable masterpieces.

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