Haygood Farms

Haygood Farms was created by friends and brothers who found relief from hemp and hemp-based products and wanted to help others find the same. With a passion for healing plants like cannabis and an interest in sustainable farming practices, they set out to grow hemp and help people. Their farm, located in the picturesque Sequatchie Valley outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, allows them to do just that—produce high-quality hemp and hemp products that they control from dirt to delivery. Their industrial hemp is certified organic, and they maintain a rigorous commitment to clean and sustainable farming practices. From the dirt to the organic fertilizers they use to care for their plants, Haygood's founders and farmers go the extra mile to grow the best hemp. The brand focuses on strong genetics, reputable partners for sourcing product ingredients, and an ingredient list you can understand with botanicals and organic, full-spectrum hemp.

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Chattanooga, TN