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About Mega Robot x Bronx Extracts The debut collaboration for Mega Robot (MAYC #30000) in the cannabis and hemp industries: Mega Robot x Bronx Extracts is a line of premium cannabis products including extracts, pre-rolls, cartridges, and flower. The partnership pairs Mega Robot’s exclusive Bored Ape Yacht Club IP with Bronx Extract’s high-quality, whole-plant extracts to create a new, differentiated cannabis brand. Enthusiasts can find Mega Robot x Bronx Extract products across California including Urbana, Lakeside Remedy, and more. Mega Robot x Bronx Extract is an ongoing collaboration to develop a trusted cannabis brand dedicated to crafting the highest quality products. This exciting new brand is designed to pave a path forward that unlocks future opportunities for more digital collectible holders to leverage IP through the Farmhouse network. About Bronx Extracts Bronx Extracts is a family-owned and operated cannabis company. Born in the Bronx and cultivated in California, we deliver whole-plant extracts that produce terpene-rich flavors with recreational and medicinal properties. Our relationships with local farms allow us to hand-select the best natural and sustainably grown raw materials to develop our premium products. We’re dedicated to bringing you the highest-purity products on the market. About Mega Robot Mega Robot is one of 12 Mega Mutants that are the rarest and most expensive NFTs in the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) universe (one recently sold for ~$3.1M). The first to consume a Mega Serum (previously sold for ~$5.8M), Mega Robot is developing a premium ecosystem through collaborations with established brands to demonstrate the value of BAYC IP and unlock licensing opportunities for all Apes. About Farmhouse Farmhouse is a public holding company with multiple divisions dedicated to connecting professionals and brands in the legal cannabis industry. The Company’s web3 division facilitates licensing opportunities between established brands and influential digital collectible holders through its @420 Twitter handle and existing social networking platform.

About Bronx Extracts

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