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While pregnant with her second child in 2014, Gina Scorza was eager to find a way to support her family financially while still being home to enjoy time with their newborn. In addition to that stress, her pregnancy was causing issues like migraines, restless legs, muscle pain, sleep issues, anxiety and fatigue. As fate would have it, an acupuncturist urged that she try topical magnesium and her symptoms dramatically improved after just one use!  Amazed at what magnesium was doing for her, she began reading and learning everything she could and developed a cream that would help people get more magnesium into their system. That’s when she created Kiss My Bath Essentials, a company dedicated to improving people’s well-being through topical magnesium. Knowing how beneficial CBD can be to our health, she added full spectrum CBD to her products in 2018 and Dope Minerals was born.

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