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7 Pre-Roll Brands Hotter Than The California Sun

Forget about ever rolling another joint by hand.

If rolling your own joints is a smoker’s right of passage, then buying pre-rolled ones is the reward at the end of that hero’s journey. In contrast to the ready-made joints of decades past, which mainly consisted of dispensary freebies stuffed with leafy, bulk-bin detritus, today’s pre-rolled joints are crafted to meet specific needs. Whether it’s single pre-rolls, multi-packs, mini joints, or specific effects you’re looking for, there are tons of options these days. But to separate the truly great from the serviceable, the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) spent thousands of hours lighting up every pre-roll under the California sun. In the process, they discovered a small handful of brands actually live up to the hype.  


This artisanal brand took inspiration from 1970s coastal California and then elevated that inspiration to craft single-strain, 100% all-natural pre-rolls. When shopping this brand, you’ll find both traditional cone-shaped joints and hemp tube pre-rolls that more closely resemble cigarettes. Island also offers pint-sized, half-gram joints that are perfect for solo smoke sessions or small group hangs. As one PCC rater said after smoking a Lemon Sorbet Mini: “There’s a nearly immediate brightening and uplifting effect. I feel calm and focused, but brighter already.”

Get a 5-pack of Island’s Lemon Sorbet Mini’s ($28) 

Pure Beauty

In addition to having ultra-hip streetwear vibes, Pure Beauty’s cigarette-style joints deliver distinct, memorable highs that satisfy both new and veteran cannabis consumers. So it should come as no surprise the brand was founded by the same masterminds behind Marley Natural, a premium Washington-based cannabis brand. Between the gorgeous packaging and the indoor-grown, high-quality flower inside, these pre-roll packs are sure to impress. As one rater put it after trying their Fancy Violet weed cigs, “This high is very conducive for socializing. Feeling calm and clear-headed and I’m surprised I’m not overly tired at this point in the night.”

Get a 5-pack of Pure Beauty’s Fancy Violet Flower Cigarettes ($34) 

Lowell Herb Co.

You probably first heard about this brand when they were making trendy cannabis flower bouquets, and now you likely see their grown-up packaging elevating dispensary shelves. Lowell's pre-rolls come with nearly a gram of California weed grown on the Golden State's central coast. The highs are cultivated just as carefully as the flower itself, resulting in consistent vibes you can count on. As one rater put it after trying one of their Euphoric Hybrid pre-rolls, “It was a very cozy high, like a warm fleece blanket around my brain.”

Get a 7-pack of Lowell’s Euphoric Hybrid pre-rolls ($65) 

Henry’s Original

Grown in the cannabis hub that is Mendocino County, Henry’s Originals is a family-run business known for valuing the unique climates that transform good flower into truly superb flower. Those who are eco-conscious will be pleased to know they value the farm’s surrounding environment as much as they value the end product. Their Thin Mint GSC pre-rolls were a crowd favorite, and as one PCC rater put it, "These joints would be absolutely perfect for an intimate dinner party with friends. Alternatively, if you find yourself hurting after a night of debauchery, I’m sure they could soothe your soul and help you feel a bit more human."

Get a 4-pack of Thin Mint GSC Premium Cannabis Smokes ($30)

Sunday Goods

One of the most well-designed brands on the market, Sunday Goods has a whole-plant philosophy, effectively adding depth and nuance to each strain of flower they produce. Their first cannabis farm in Arizona began as a tomato farm and was seamlessly converted thanks to the similarities in how tomatoes and cannabis grow. Their pre-rolls, now available in the Bay Area, are well-loved among the PCC for having distinguished blends that don’t disappoint. The Indica Blend pack, which delivers a surprising burst of energy at the beginning of the high, has become a fan favorite. As one enthusiastic rater put it, “I love the peppiness of this joint. Getting shit done and so energized!”

Get a 7-pack of Sunday Goods’ Indica Blend pre-rolls ($40) 

Stone Road

If only buy organic produce from your local farmers’ market, then this is the pre-roll brand for you. Stone Road sources their flower from small-batch cannabis farms dotting Northern California before hand-rolling that herb with French papers. The highs are just as luxurious, with their half-gram Tangerine Haze Single being a prime example. As one rater put it, “This high is fun, relaxed, clear-headed, and an excellent appetite stimulant. It’s waking me up better than coffee.”

Get a half-gram Tangerine Haze pre-roll ($5) 

Lucky 420

Similarly to Island, this brand took inspiration from the 1970s but gave it a sexy twist. All of their pre-rolls look exactly like cigarettes but come with 0.7 grams of premium flower in unbleached flax paper. The sturdy, filterless crutch results in a smoking experience even the most canna-hesitant will enjoy. We’re big fans of their hybrid jazz cigarettes for the fact they leave most with a calm, balanced buzz. As one rater put it, “Stargazing and stretching felt wonderful with this pre-roll in attendance. Extra points for feeling like a sneaky cigarette.”

Get a 7-pack of their Hybrid blend pre-rolls ($34) 

Photos by Sepp Desbach.

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