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7 Pre-Roll Brands Hotter Than The California Sun

Forget about ever rolling another joint by hand.

Some might argue that rolling your own joint is a quintessential part of smoking cannabis. The weedy ritual, which can range from a skill to a craft to an outright medium of art, is something many weedophiles perfect over their cannabis “careers.” But as the legal weed space continues to mature, the pre-rolled joint could, and potentially already has, replace the act of joint-rolling altogether.

The pre-roll has become so popular, in fact, the industry insight firm BDS Analytics felt compelled to pull together some sales data. They discovered retailers in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon sold more than $158 million worth of pre-rolls in 2016 alone. With so many consumers not twisting up their own jays, the market sector has seen explosive growth and new joint-rolling technology has emerged. As pre-rolls evolve into some of the most luxe products sold, a number of celebrities have even entered the space, while a slew of businesses are capitalizing on the opportunity to deliver a modern take on arguably the most classic of cannabis experiences.

To get the scoop on Proper’s favorite California-based pre-roll brands, check out our handy list below.


This brand of artisanal cannabis cigarettes, which was inspired by 1970s coastal California, has the admirable goal of producing only 100 percent natural products. The Island Premiums line of hemp tube pre-rolls more closely resemble cigarettes than traditional joints, with tightly packed weed cigs that have more robust filters than your average crutch. Proper Cannabis Committee rater Christina Semak said of Island’s Gelato Sunrise Mini’s: “Whether you’re watching hilariously bad movies or checking emails on your day off, these are great for keeping the vibes relaxed and uplifted.”

$35-$45/pack of 5/pack of 8

Shop Island’s Gelato Sunrise Mini’s here.


While the Venice-based NATIV brand is making a name for itself in the concentrate scene, they also have a legendary line of pre-rolls. The joints–White, Grey, and Black label–come in a mix of premium flower and hash or pure private-reserve flower, which the brand says is grown using sustainable methods that are free of pesticides.


Shop Nativ’s Gray Label pre-rolls here.

Pure Beauty

Despite their ultra-hip streetwear vibes, Pure Beauty is more than what meets the eye. Founded by the same masterminds behind Marley Natural, a premium Washington-based cannabis brand, Pure Beauty prizes indoor-grown, high-quality flower above all. Still, it shouldn’t come as a surprise their packaging is gorgeous. After all, the clue is in the name.

$40/pack of 5

Shop Pure Beauty’s OG pre-rolls here.

Lowell Herb Co.

Coming from the same brand that was made famous by its trendy cannabis flower bouquets, Lowell's pre-rolls come with nearly a gram of California weed grown on the Golden State's central coast. They test between 22% and 25% THC for an elicited high that should have you feeling all kinds of chill. Proper Cannabis Committee rater Laura Benack says of the Euphoric Indica pack: “I have a smile stuck on my face and feeling inspired to do something creative.”

$55/pack of 10

Shop Lowell’s Euphoric Indica pack here.

THC Design

As you can probably tell from their science-minded packaging, THC Design is a brand concerned with precision and consistency. Clearly, their sustainable and thoughtful growing practices are paying off because the Proper Cannabis has rated THC Design’s single-strain pre-rolls as some of the best. As Brianna Wheeler wrote in her review of their 24-K pre-rolls, “The high was bold and immediate, a powerful sativa hybrid that burrowed into my psyche and lightened my frame… I went from relatively luxurious housewife to protest-ready warrior princess in, like, three hits.”

$40/pack of 6

Shop THC Design’s 24-K pre-roll pack here.

Henry’s Original

Grown in the cannabis hub that is Mendocino County, Henry’s Originals is a family-run business known for valuing the unique climates that transform good flower into truly superb flower. Those who are eco-conscious will be pleased to know they value the farm’s surrounding environment as much as they value the end product. Proper Cannabis Committee rater Norma Kwee says their Sour Amnesia Premium Cannabis Smokes are ideal for days you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.

$25/pack of 4

Shop Henry’s Originals’s Sour Amnesia pre-rolls here.

Sunday Goods

One of the most well-designed brands on the market, Sunday Goods has a whole-plant philosophy, effectively adding depth and nuance to each strain of flower they produce. Grown in a Dutch glass greenhouse via the power of the Arizona sun, few cannabis farms achieve more natural grow practices. Fun fact: Their farm, which began as a tomato farm, was seamlessly converted thanks to the similarities in how tomatoes and cannabis grow.

$45/pack of 7

Shop Sunday Goods’ Indica Blends pack here.

Photos by Sepp Desbach.

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