Cannabis Quencher's Drinks Offer Fresh Flavors & Fantastic Highs
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Oct 26, 2022 · 6 min read

From top-notch taste to personalized effects, CQ’s drinks provide a high quality experience.

There are few people, if any, who have been around the block more than Kenny Morrison when it comes to cannabis edibles and beverages. Founder of VCC Brands, he has seen everything from the meteoric rise (and crash) in regulated markets to the raiding of his businesses—and through his resiliency and experience, he persists to roll out quality product after quality product.

Born into a family that normalized cannabis use, Morrison’s relationship with the plant has never been something about which he need be ashamed. And through his products, he continues to help break down the lasting stigma for others. Which all started in Venice Beach, CA in 2006 with the creation of three medical cannabis collectives known as The Farmacy.

And while they were successful in their unique mission to offer cannabis alongside other natural, Chinese herbal remedies, it didn’t take him long to realize his path didn’t lie in dispensaries, but in crafting the quality products that line their shelves.

CQ continues to roll out quality product after quality product.

Always more of a fan of branding and communications than retail, it was this realization that led him to create the Venice Cookie Company (VCC)—his own CPG brand that is now the parent company to four quality operations aiming to produce products that are tasty, safe, and wellness oriented.

As the name may suggest, VCC started with the creation of three cookie products formulated by Morrison’s cousin, a professional pastry chef. Distributing them out of freezers in his garage, they tried their hand at varying flavors and cannabinoid concentrations from melt-your-face-off heavy to light, with the latter at the time being ill received as the market wasn’t quite ready for microdosing.

Though a low-dose cannaseur himself, Kenny never abandoned the pursuit of making products of all potencies, with Cannabis Quencher currently offering options from 5mg to 100mg of THC along with a host of other cannabinoids like CBN and CBD.

But as VCC grew, it branched into other product categories like their tea, Subtle Tea, which was initially created to assist ailing actor Dennis Hopper, tinctures with their ONE Tincture brand, and of course, Cannabis Quencher (CQ).

While Morrison continues to find success in all formats, he is all in on the booming cannabis beverage market, and his tireless efforts have led to them breaking out in a big way. With his partner in crime who heads up Production and R&D, Kelley Johnston, they have developed drinks that not only provide the desired effects, but a delicious experience you will seek out and sip on again and again. (And they have a full trophy case to prove it.)

With new products popping up daily, it can be hard for consumers to discern what’s dank, and what’s bunk. Which is why it helps to have someone at the helm who has been around long enough to watch the trajectory of cannabis change from medicinal to mainstream.

It helps to have someone at the helm who has been around long enough to see cannabis go from medicinal to mainstream.

When he first started, many consumers in the space were willing to sacrifice the quality of their intake experience so long as the highs didn’t take a hit. And with the market skewing heavily to the medicinal side, many were in need of products that met their dietary restrictions as much as they did their pain relief.

But as recreational cannabis became available and the interests and expectations of users shifted, Kenny knew the market, or those who wished to survive in it, needed to follow suit.

Luckily, the ability to create better quality cannabis products has increased with more targeted ingredients, flavor profiles and nano emulsions, and CQ is at the forefront of crafting the sort of cannabis beverage that will satisfy taste buds as much as it does those seeking a quality high.

Terpene rich, refreshingly infused with real fruit and crafted with only the best cannabis, you can simply expect a juicy and jovial high through and through from the liquid found in these bottles. But they don’t stop there, as their commitment to a healthier and more sustainable high is tantamount to their dedication to top-notch taste.

They use natural coloring and flavors, nothing but sungrown California cannabis, and test their products at multiple stages to ensure they are safe from contaminants, pesticides and microbials.

Which all equates to a better experience from intake to effects. Add to that the beautiful branding, and it’s plain to see why these premium products will keep winning awards, and have you coming back for more. So scroll down to learn a bit more about Cannabis Quencher’s lineup, and where you can locate these stellar infused beverages nearby.


Agua fresca + Lemonade

From Old Fashioned Lemonade to Watermelon Agua Fresca, these non-carbonated concoctions offer a crisp taste and satisfying high. Each 16oz bottle in this category contains 100mg of THC for up to 50 beverages, and the clear window on the bottle and metered cap allow for accurate dosing drink after drink.

And while the flavors range from super sweet to subtle, every bottle contains nothing but clean ingredients that are vegan, non-GMO and free of any gluten or artificial coloring. So sip on these fantastic flavors on their own, or mix them into your go-to mocktail to kick it into high gear.

Rater’s Quote - "I love this fun drink! It allows you to add the perfect amount of THC per serving. I like to put like 4 shots (or 8mg of THC) in my sparkling water and go!"



A take on their big brothers, these Lemonades and Agua Frescas come in a smaller form for those looking to either take things up a notch, or take advantage of more targeted cannabinoid concentrations.

While some formulas like their Strawberry Lemonade Shot share the same 100mg THC as their full-sized counterpart, options like their Tropical Mango Agua Fresca or Nighttime Berry & Lime contain complementary doses of CBD and CBN, allowing users to enjoy more of what the cannabis plant has to offer. Sip, mix or shoot these stellar drinks for a high that can range from riding a subtle buzz to going full bore.

Rater’s Quote -  "Wow. I dosed myself according to my own tolerance and damn, I love this shot. I could imagine going HAM on this at a theme park for all day fun."


Spritzers + Colas

For those who like a little fizz in their favorite drinks, CQ’s Spritzers and Colas will quickly become your new fix. The single-serving option in their catalog, this product line offers an approachable high for users at any tolerance level.

With 5mg of THC per 12oz can, you can sip on one solo or share it with a bud for a buzz that won’t ever bog you down. And just like all of CQ’s drinks, they’re sweetened with pure cane sugar, flavored with real fruit juice, and kick any unnecessary additives to the curb.

Rater’s Quote - "Strolling on the pier this lovely afternoon and I feel so happy! The flavors were fantastic, and the high kicked in nicely."


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