Have A Proper Danksgiving
Feature by Scott Hadinger
Nov 23, 2020 · 7 min read

Whether you're looking to get cooking or cozy, this holiday hit list has you covered.

The Holidaze are here, and we at Proper wanted to offer some of our favorites to help you find (or fake) your festive side. Even though this Thanksgiving won't resemble years past, you can still puff even if you can't pass.

Check out our cornucopia of cannabis to find everything you need to create a weed-filled feast, fill up on seconds and fall asleep with ease when your father’s telling the same story for the fifth time. There’s something here for everyone, and each item will fit just as nicely into your routine as it will someone else's gift basket. So stock up and spread some cannabis cheer, we could all use it this time of year.

Edibles To Elevate The Evening

Dr. Norms Pecan Shortbread Cookies - If you won’t be able to enjoy your grandmother’s family famous pecan pie, we recommend these as a sweet and satisfying substitute. Each buttery cookie has 10mg of THC and balanced effects, meaning they’re the perfect mood-boosting dessert to help you breeze through a few post-dinner family calls before their calming euphoria ultimately settles you in for the night.

Kanha's Sublime Key Lime Nano Gummies - Key West meets the Weedy West in these plushy little pie impersonators. While their sweet nature and after-dinner flavor make them a shoe in for the evening’s dankest dessert, the fact that they’re only 5mg apiece and give you a healthy case of the munchies means they might be just as good of an appetizer as they are an after dinner indulgence.

Kiva's Petra Saigon Cinnamon Mints - Pumpkin gets all of the hype, but this is the real scent and spice of the season. Stick this cinnamon savior in your pocket for a reliable and refreshing pick-me-up that’ll leave you feeling bubbly, buzzing and blissful. Kiva’s products are just as great for dosing over the holidays as they are doling out as gifts—and their catalog is sure to have something for every stoner on your list.

Infused Ingredients To Help You Cook With Cannabis

Simply High Extracts' Vegan Canna Butter - Whether it’s your turn to make something sweet or savory this year, adding this Vegan Canna Butter will put your dish in the most (or least?) memorable category. Every tablespoon has 25mg of THC, so dose accordingly for a weed-filled feast and leftovers that help you deal with that hangover. And just so you know, cutting this into your pie crust is a must.

Simply High Extracts' Extra Light Olive Oil - Vegan or not, this versatile olive oil will hit the spot. Get stoned on your stuffing or make your salad something to celebrate with this elegant infusion. Substitute it into any recipe with ease, and let the 5.7mg of THC per ½ tbsp elevate both your mood and meal. And if you want all of the happiness without the high, opt for their CBD Olive Oil to help everyone feel loose without any threat of losing control.

Potli's Infused Honeys - No matter your family’s go-to, be it Parker House rolls, crescents or cornbread, how can you resist drizzling a little honey over the top to set things off? And oh do Potli’s infused honeys set things off. Whether you’re interested in Going Up or Coming Down, Potli has two infusions to ensure there’s no exclusion. And if your tastes lean more spicy than sweet, their Infused Sriracha is an equally inviting treat.

Bud-Filled Bevs That Cut The Edge

Artet - Whether you’re having a holiday happy hour with your crew, boo or it’s just you, grab this unforgettable aperitif to experience what’s quite possibly the most refined way to enjoy your grass in a glass. Drink it solo on the rocks, or shake, stir and mix it into your routine—there’s no wrong way to imbibe this botanical beauty.

Lagunitas' Reverb - Forgoing booze doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Stock up on these equally uplifting and effervescent alternatives from Lagunitas and AbsoluteXtracts. Reverb is a heavy-hitting, hop-infused sparkling water reminiscent of a shandy, their 1:1 Hifi hops tastes just like an IPA, and both are perfect for maintaining a social buzz and going with the flow.

Cann’s Blood Orange Cardamom - Cann’s approachable cannabinoid ratio makes them a solid day drinker, and indulging in a few will lift your spirits without ever leaving you wondering if you went too far. So sip and savor (and enjoy every flavor) to float through your day and crush dinner prep with ease. And for those of you fortunate enough to responsibly host or visit, grab their Party Pack to get everyone lifted and feeling the love.

Vapes To Help You Escape

Chemistry’s Do-Si-Glue - Second and third helpings of food will be made easy thanks to second and third helpings of this vape, as Chemistry’s full spectrum products are great for taking full advantage of a Thanksgiving spread. Pull after pull, plate after plate, before long you’ll be thinking your date with the couch was fate.

Old Pal and Edie Parker - It doesn't matter if you're traveling or not, disposables are a great way to get high without any of the hassle. Many of you are probably used to taking a tropical trip this time of year, and Old Pal's Vacation Vapes are here to help you get in that gear. On top of their fruity flavor, the uplifting Maui Wowie and grounding Grape Ape will help you pull through even the most uncomfortable of holiday conversations. 

And if you're the trendsetter of your group, Edie Parker, usually known for their designer bags and decor, have entered the ganja game. You'll soon see products like their Nectar Pen Hybrid Disposable hitting shelves near you thanks to a collaboration with Flow Kana. They're just as pleasing to the eye as they are to vape, and any choice on this list will offer a reliable escape. Please recycle responsibly!

Jetty's Gelato Gold Cartridge - This cart is an instant mood booster that'll lift your spirits higher than the holidays ever could. You can expect an energizing and flexible high that'll be by your side no matter what you choose to do. If you ever wondered how your mom always had the energy to ensure your house was better decorated than Diane’s down the street, it very well could have been the equivalent of this cart in her hippie heyday.

Pre-Rolls For When It All Takes A Toll

KGB's Indica Torpedo Infused Pre-Roll - Normal or not, it’s the holidays, and we should celebrate when and where we can. This infused indica pre-roll is the perfect way to end the day no matter how you spend it—and with its heavy-hitting combination of flower, oil, hash and 27% THC, if the turkey doesn’t put you to sleep, this sure will.

Stone Road's Peaches N Cream Infused Pre-Roll Pack - We’re all going to miss the sacred pre or post-dinner eye contact with the fellow family stoner that says, “Shall we?” But it might also be nice to find our new favorite obsession without any discretion, and to that end, might we recommend this incredible infused pre-roll pack? Pick one up and take it over to your sibling’s to be a bit overzealous before your zoom calls. Expect to feel energetic and easygoing—and skip the eye drops or spray, Uncle Greg’s glares are miles away.

Space Coyote's Infused Poolside Pack - These potent little joints get right to the point. Each five pack is just as great for getting you through a weekend solo as it is keeping the whole crew lifted—and if everyone's bringing a single to your mingle, grab their Indica Live Resin Joint for a booze-replacing mood boost that'll have you feeling loose. Keep the tradition of Thanksgiving joints alive, and remind everyone that heavy-hitting bud doesn't always require a battery. Not all heroes bring vapes. 

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