Hervé Wants To Give You A Taste Of The High Life
Feature by Scott Hadinger
Sep 13, 2022 · 5 min read

Hervé’s infused macarons and candies will help you add an elegant touch to any experience.

It was out of the success of two lauded luxury ventures—and the requests of their high-end clientele who wanted to get a bit higher—that Hervé was founded. Already garnering local fame for throwing opulent parties full of top-tier entertainment, catering and patisserie, Hervé’s founder, Sebastien Centner, quickly found that the loyal fans who loved their lavish soirees wanted to bump things up by adding cannabis to their confections.

And while it was seeing the demand for luxury cannabis goods in the discerning consumers to whom they catered that set the wheels in motion, they knew they had to put their own spin on it and craft something more elevated than what another tired gummy could offer. Hence Hervé, the answer to the question, “What if edibles weren’t just a vessel for cannabis, but an experience?”

Hervé offers what is quite possibly the most elegant edible on the market.

You may think that sounds like a lot, but if you’re looking for some bud that’s a bit more bougie, we’re happy to report that Hervé offers what is quite possibly the most elegant edible on the market. And with 10mg of THC apiece, indulging in these gold-painted, high-brow offerings can also get you high as a kite. As each delicious, handmade, gluten-free macaroon is infused with a sativa-hybrid distillate for uplifting effects that will elevate any morning, afternoon or evening.

This is what continues to set Hervé apart from other edibles brands, their belief that taste shouldn't be sacrificed when making edibles, and doubling down on the fact that consumers are looking for a satisfying experience that surpasses solely getting high. And as our PCC can attest, their macarons aren’t just good for a cannabis-infused edible, they can hold their own against any non-infused macarons we’ve tried.

But their sweet and elite little sandwiches aren’t the only edibles Hervé offers, as they have a second product line that allows you to build your high as you see fit through a low-potency, poppable and portable candy. Their Le Mirage hard sweets are the Pez of the pot world. A doseable delight in multiple mouthwatering favors you can easily share or savor solo.

By having two product lines with varying cannabinoid concentrations, Hervé has ensured the ability to keep their products accessible for all cannabis consumers. Meaning their catalog is just as perfect for the cannacurious getting into the plant as it is the seasoned stoners who have spent years enjoying it.

Hervé keeps their catalog accessible for all cannabis consumers.

It’s this attention to detail, and their commitment to quality and consumers at every tolerance level, that ensure their products will allow everyone to enjoy every last moment of their edible experience from intake to effects.

They continue to work everyday to build towards their vision of a cannabis market in which consumers don’t have to choose between taste or potency, which is something we wish to see more and more brands seek to do.

Because the fact of the matter is, we have reached a crossroads of commoditization in cannabis, and it’s brands like Hervé that are going a step above and building a better product for a higher, and higher-end, future. Without committed cannasseurs like them, we will all be eating soulless sweets as we succumb to an increasingly lackluster experience, and we are more than thankful that they continue to go beyond.

Though we have encountered one problem as we power through packs of their macarons, and that is sticking to the old adage that you can always eat more, but you can’t eat less—as they sure do make it damn hard to stop at just one. 


Cannabis Infused Macarons

Macaroons are already on the after-dinner A-team, and they have ascended even higher thanks to Hervé’s inclusion of cannabis. These downright delicious desserts offer 10mg of Delta-9 THC thanks to the premium, sativa-leaning distillate found within. And the light, crispy crunch of the shell is complemented perfectly by the creamy, cannabis-infused center for a can’t-miss edible experience.

With three per box, you can elevate your next get together with your buds, or stash them in your freezer for up to a year to celebrate any upcoming special occasions. Gluten free, handmade and able to stand on their own next to any non-infused macaron we’ve tried, do yourself a favor and pick up an edible you’ll actually savor.

Rater’s Quote - “Hervé’s macarons took me by the taste buds and showed me that there’s a better way to consume cannabis.”


Le Mirage Hard Sweets

Hervé’s discreet Le Mirage packs are as pocketable and portable as any edible we’ve seen. They’re essentially the Pez system of pot—and the twenty 5mg pieces of sweet hard candy offer a curious high you can build and enjoy as you see fit. They’re gluten free, vegan and contain no added sugar, and the fact that they dissolve in your mouth provides a quick onset thanks to their being absorbed sublingually.

Take a pack hiking and dose your way to the summit to soak in the views in a newfound glow, or stock up for a festival and keep both you and your friends lifted from set to set. These offer a true make-your-own-adventure high, and the various flavors ensure there’s something for everyone to love.

Rater’s Quote - “Portable, tasty and as potent as I want it to be–you’ll find my Le Mirage in my pocket for any upcoming occasions that would be bettered by a little bud.”


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