Mesobis: Celebrating Latin American Culture Through Cannabis
Feature by Scott Hadinger
Sep 06, 2022 · 5 min read

Mesobis is a lifestyle brand on a mission to help Latinos reconnect with their roots.

Like many brands in the cannabis industry, Mesobis’s creation followed a circuitous path. Before being founded by Santiago Cervantes and Nelson Cury, Santiago was running his production company creating music videos, commercials, and feature films, while Nelson was learning the ropes of the industry at a fund investing in cannabis brands and other natural medicines like psychedelics.

After immersing themselves in their fields and becoming familiar with what it takes to properly build a brand, they realized very few companies in cannabis were doing things the right way, or more importantly, setting themselves apart.

The time was ripe to launch a brand focused on a growing consumer base they inherently and intimately understood.

Beyond simply creating a company that would succeed in cannabis, they took things further by focusing on a demographic that couldn’t be more near and dear—the Latin American community. The same community that Santiago and Nelson not only stem from, but has long been overlooked for its role in helping plant and propagate the roots of American cannabis culture.

As first generation immigrants to the US, Mesobis became a way for Santiago and Nelson to stake their claim in cannabis in a “for us, by us” fashion. They felt that many Latinos had lost touch with their roots due to many of the brands claiming to be Latin American being nothing more than stereotypes that lacked pride and passion for their collective past. And in a state where around 40% of the population is Latin American, the time was ripe to launch a brand focused on a growing consumer base they inherently and intimately understood.

So when it comes to building social equity in the space and creating a company composed of the individuals they claim to represent, Mesobis walks the walk. This isn’t a copycat brand trying to capitalize on cannabis culture, their evolving crew is a culmination of relationships developed in their respective worlds, and their mission is not only resulting in them making stellar products, it will also allow them to make a lasting difference.

Their creative team, led by Creative Director Pietro Coppolecchia, is largely based in Mexico City, and all of their content is produced exclusively in Latin America by local directors, photographers, and models—which is imperative, and will remain at the core of who they are as a brand.

This will help them celebrate and push forward Latin American culture as a lifestyle through initiatives like their forthcoming streetwear created in partnership with Esteban Tamayo, a renowned fashion designer from Mexico City.

Their inaugural line will showcase the intersection of fashion, cannabis, and Latin American culture with a fresh take on classic pieces. A blending not unlike that found in their name, Mesobis, which combines cannabis and Mesoamerica, and of course, their premium cannabis products that fuse time-honored flavors with full-spectrum flower.

Gomitas' identifiable, indelible flavor profiles will help Latinos reconnect with who they are, and where they came from.

And while their core ethos is to build a brand that commemorates Latin American culture as a lifestyle that’s more than any one product they put out, we would be remiss if we didn’t put a spotlight on their initial offering. A set of edibles with identifiable, indelible flavor profiles that will help Latinos reconnect with who they are, and where they came from. Their Latin American inspired gummies, Gomitas.

Coming in three unique, classic flavors: Mango con Chile (sativa), Tamarindo con Chamoy (hybrid), and Acai (indica), each formula is made with a full-spectrum, nano-emulsified oil that preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes from the premium plants they pick. What results is a quick-hitting, pure and balanced high, and clean intake experience free of artificial ingredients, gluten or dairy.

The sativa, hybrid and indica designations also have identifiably different highs thanks to their fine-tuned formulas, and you can count on them to keep you lifted from breakfast to bed in almost any situation. And if you’ve never been to Mexico and are curious of the flavor combinations or you’re looking to indulge in something you intimately identify with, we can assure you they are as on target as they are top notch.

With the team continuing to develop new gummy flavors and formulas to expand their offerings to an ever-growing and increasingly educated cannabis consumer, we recommend you check in regularly to stay on top of their newest drops and where to find them nearby. And when you’ve found your high, swing by their site to be first in line to add some fire to your fit thanks to their stellar streetwear fashion line.


Mesobis Gomitas

Mesobis’s Gomitas are cannabis-infused gummies with as many layers as the pyramids they resemble. They’re potent, have a quick onset and preserve the terpene profiles of the full-spectrum cannabis from which they’re made for a natural, next-level experience.

They also boast a near guilt-free experience seeing as they’re non-gmo, gluten-free and contain no artificial ingredients or flavors. And speaking of the flavors, each of their formulas offers a unique profile that calls back to timeless Latin American combinations like Tamarindo con Chamoy, Acai and Mango con Chile. And with ten pyramids per pack and each one offering 10mg of THC, you’ll have plenty to share with your buds or savor solo.

Rater's Quote - "The spicy flavor has a solid kick, but it’s well balanced and leads to a light and buzzy lift, creative mood and bubbly body high.”


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