A Proper Deep Dive Into The Strain Blue Dream
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Mar 23, 2021 · 9 min read

We all know the name, but let’s take a minute to appreciate Blue Dream's rise to fame.

Some strains are so well known and go back so far it’s like they’re synonymous with weed itself. We’re talking strains like Purple Haze, Jack Herer and of course, Blue Dream. If you’ve spent any time at a dispensary, it’d be hard to imagine you haven't come across this sativa-dominant hybrid in one form or another.

It’s a versatile and stable strain that can be found in everything from vape carts and pure concentrates to pre-rolls and strain-specific edibles. And no matter your preferred intake method, the uplifting euphoria and mood-boosting effects will always put a smile on your face. So let’s shine a light on this phenotype, and learn a bit more about its history, makeup, and of course, where you can find it nearby.

The History of Blue Dream

Like many legendary strains, Blue Dream emerged from 70s surf culture in Santa Cruz. Benefiting from a sub-tropical climate and abundant California sunshine, this cross between Haze and Blueberry became an instant fan favorite. When it first hit the scene, people were blown away by the beautiful buds, berry flavor and cerebral effects. It was unlike anything anyone had smoked before, and it was all thanks to one pot pioneer's near-perfect phenotype.

You see, back in the 60s and early 70s when weed’s popularity was on the rise, most people were limited to enjoying a few select landrace strains. And prior to heavier indicas making their way down from the isolated mountain regions of the Middle East, classic sativas were the only option. What are landrace strains? They’re essentially the old-world backbone of cannabis—the original and timeless strains that share their name with where they originated.

Strains like Durban Poison from Africa, Thai from Asia and Acapulco Gold from Central America dominated the scene, and they still provide the lineage for many of our modern favorites today. These tall, narrow-leafed plants had never been hybridized, that is until the late 70s, when the founding fathers of pheno hunting got their hands on some Afghani, and everything changed.

All of the sudden, what it meant to cultivate cannabis was drastically and rapidly redefined. New expressions from different cultivars were making themselves known, as nuanced terpene profiles and new effects gave way to a newfound appreciation for the plant itself.

It was as if something already thought of as magical was revealing its secrets. For the first time, growers began pheno hunting and propagating plants with the most desirable characteristics. It was happening at such a rate, and everyone in the community was so generous with sharing seeds and clones, that it can be hard to say who truly created the first iteration of many of these early strains.

As these seeds changed hands, more and more growers took a crack at cultivating them, and some names, like DJ Short’s, started to stand out. His work with exotic landrace lineages gave rise to many prized strains still found in dispensaries. And while the true history is a bit hazy, he has been attributed with providing the cannabis community the Blue Dream we know today.

A member of the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame, DJ Short is a true West Coast cannabis legend. Operating out of Oregon, he’s credited with being one of the first people to cross classic landrace strains, opening the door to the countless options we currently have. In his hippie heyday, he was responsible for providing the community with cutting-edge cultivars, and today he’s still known as the Willie Wonka of weed. His Blueberry has been hailed as THE West Coast Blueberry for decades, and by crossing it with another classic strain, Haze, Blue Dream was born.

The Birth of the Blue Dream We Smoke Today

Also known as Azure Haze, Blue Dream’s birth was akin to Cookies and Cream ice cream. Cookies and ice cream are already pretty dope on their own, but when you put them together, you create something special—and entirely new. As was the case with Blue Dream. Blueberry was already a beloved strain that came from crossing Purple Thai with Thai, and Haze, an amalgamation of landrace strains, is a sativa-hybrid stalwart that’s stood the test of time.

When first created, both of these strains sported THC levels that would make a modern consumer leave them on the shelf, but their effects were something brand new. Haze offered a cerebral, high-energy high perfect for creative pursuits, and Blueberry provided the sustained and relaxing euphoria that makes Blue Dream so perfectly balanced. These targeted effects were unknown to those who’d been smoking seeded out sativas for years, and the experience unlocked a new level of love for cannabis.

Through hybridization, strains like Blue Dream also became more hardy, and thus easier to grow. The reason Santa Cruz was so popular for growing pot was that it could provide the necessary climate for old-school plants' long growing cycles. But these hybrids allowed growers to experiment in new areas with new strains, and today Blue Dream is grown worldwide. 

Though this has become a double-edged sword, as at the same time in the modern marijuana world, a lot of average cultivators use these easy-to-grow, approachable strains to meet yields without worrying about unlocking their true potential. And while the strain is well known, this has led to a lot of people thinking of Blue Dream as a middle of the road option that simply does the trick. But if you think that, you’re missing out on the nuances and history that make it a showstopper worth smoking year round.

It’s like walking into a bar and saying, “I’ll take a glass of red wine.” You’re probably going to get a generic Cabernet. Which is the same as walking into a dispensary and ordering a five dollar sativa pre-roll—there’s a decent chance it’ll be filled with Blue Dream. But just as there are prized Cabernets from California and the left bank of the Bordeaux, so too are there premium Blue Dream products that express every bit of the unequaled euphoria that blew your uncle’s mind at a Zeppelin show.

Which is why celebrating these strains and digging into their past is the best way to enjoy what’s in front of us now, and how we ensure we respect the plant and pay homage to its roots as we go forward. Just because Blue Dream is everywhere doesn't mean it isn't incredible. And just because it isn’t known as a THC powerhouse doesn’t mean it isn’t a top-shelf strain. 

Blue Dream Effects

The boutique strains with 34% THC sitting next to it on a shelf don't relegate Blue Dream to schwag status because they score higher in one cannabinoid. The blueberry-forward flavor and truly balanced effects have stood the test of time for a reason, and they provide the same smooth experience people have sought out for decades. Everyone’s just so busy chasing the next big name that they so quickly forget the ones that started the game.

Blue Dream is as great for seasoned stoners as it is those looking to light up for the first time. Both of its parents are heavy on the terpene myrcene, and while its relaxing effects definitely come through, there's an invigorating cerebral experience that will keep you focused and firing on all cylinders. It’s a great go-to when you’re looking to get lifted without losing control, and it has the added benefit of reliable medicinal qualities that'll help you deal with everything from depression and pain to a suppressed appetite. 

Be it its verdant flower, covered in frosty trichomes and golden hairs, or its near overabundance of terpenes, Blue Dream just begs to be smoked the second you pop the jar. And if you prefer to consume your cannabis on the go, keep a Blue Dream vape cart handy to breeze through your busiest days, and throw a pre-roll in your hiking pack to appreciate the views that much more. There's really no wrong way to enjoy this versatile strain—it just gives you the energy to do almost anything and keeps you calm and collected enough to truly take it all in. Scroll down to stock up for smooth hits, stellar flavor and a buzzy high that's well worth the ride. 

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