Breez Edibles, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Jul 28, 2020 · 5 min read

The PCC’s ratings and reviews are here to help you Breez through your day with these mints and sprays.

Quoted: "The flavor is so bizarre. It's a total fusion of berries, but I can't identify any of them, and it has an odd, soapy taste to it. The little buzz hits quickly, and it's probably good for focusing once I get into a quiet spot and start working."

Pros: Each spray has 2.5mg of THC, making it a great dosable option for anyone looking to maintain a creative and motivating buzz throughout the day.

Cons: Like the nighttime spray, the taste is a little over the top and perfumey. 

Quoted: "Got a good stretching session in, and did some deep breathing as well. This high is good for winding down the night."

Pros: The 2.5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per spray will lull you into a relaxed and comfortable state before you effortlessly hit the hay.

Cons: The taste seems somewhat artificial and is polarizing for some. 

Quoted: "I think I like this better than the spray because it hits faster for me. One mint is the perfect focus boost for a couple hours. I feel balanced and mellow."

Pros: A straightforward, minty edible in both taste and effects with organic peppermint oil and 5mg of THC. A solid start to any day or date night.

Cons: Some of our users noted a dry mouth and jitters, so start slow. 

Quoted: “I went from groggy and sleepy to trying to figure out some plot holes in a story I'm writing. Have also attacked several chores around the house. A nice morning pick-me-up to be sure and it's just the start."

Pros: A light, dosable option at 2.5mg of THC apiece that’s perfect to get you through the day. Expect to feel uplifted and energized.

Cons: A somewhat objectionable aftertaste.

Quoted: "Such a slow onset, but I'm definitely high now. Calm, hungry, and cooking dinner."

Pros: The stealthy stoners dream—a super reliable high that’s easily dosed and allows you to conceal 1000mg of THC in your pocket.

Cons: Few to note, but the onset is slow, so start with one spray and let the effects settle in or you may find yourself in unknown territory. 

Quoted: "I certainly feel the CBD more than the THC I think. Feel a lot more relaxed than high right now. Good for sinking into the couch and nursing muscle aches."

Pros: Great for supplementing any pre-sleep routine and could help some be less reliant on pharmaceutical options.

Cons: Quite a commandingly sweet taste for a product that is supposed to lull you to sleep. 

Quoted: "I'm mellow, at ease, and ready to work. No pain relief, but that's probably because of my shit posture."

Pros: A more approachable and less intense taste than its counterparts, which may have you reaching for another before you know it. Great for mindfulness, and easily paired with their THC options to kick it up a notch.

Cons: Being a straight CBD product, these mints could offer more relief from aches and pains. 

Quoted: "I'm coming down with a cold and this is definitely helping with those symptoms. My head still has pressure, but it’s a lot better than this morning, so even without any obvious high this is muscling me through my workday."

Pros: Similar effects to their solid counterpart, but with the ability to consume sublingually and have more control over your high.

Cons: The cinnamon flavor is fairly intense, which may be a turnoff for some. Effects are slow to show up if taken traditionally.

Quoted: "I thoroughly enjoyed this. The whole experience thus far has been great. Im functional and happy at work, my breath smells like mint and not weed, and I'm in a great and sociable mood."

Pros: Each tiny, organic mint packs in 10mg of THC, making them the ultimate concealable option for red-eye flights or concerts.

Cons: Can cause racy effects and paranoia in those with a lower tolerance. 

Quoted: "This spray tastes like a punch in the mouth. Like a lemon-lime soda concentrated into a sour candy. It ain't bad though. My tensions are dissipating, and my body is starting to feel loads better. I’m nice and loose."

Pros: As with all of these sprays, you have the option to consume sublingually or traditionally to control the pacing and intensity of your experience. Subtle and soothing effects.

Cons: Fairly aggressive on the palette, so those who don’t vibe with sour candies should probably reach for the mint option down at #1.

Quoted: "I'm laying down, room dark, many candles lit. Feels great, I've got some nice indie acoustic music on."

Pros: Subtle, easy and calming effects with a balanced ratio of 1:1 5mg of THC to CBD. One will take the edge off, and two will take you for a ride.

Cons: Nothing harsh, but they may send you to bed a bit earlier than intended.

Quoted: "This took about 45 minutes to kick in. Doing some work on the laptop and I’m totally relaxed and sailing along. Maybe even a little sleepy. When I close my eyes I feel at one with my surroundings."

Pros: Discreet, Vegan, gluten free, and sugar free with 5mg of THC. This spray is a solid starting point for any new user, and has a refreshing minty taste that isn’t weedy and hangs around in a pleasant way.

Cons: Could be a little stronger, and a light head high fades quickly to couch crashing. 

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