Cann's Beverages, Ranked
Guide by Scott Hadinger
Sep 04, 2020 · 4 min read

Looking to maintain the perfect party buzz that never bogs you down? Now you Cann.

Cann's cannabis-infused beverages are unreal. Be it the middle of the workday, a gathering with friends or an evening alone filled with THC and TLC, you've found the perfect pairing that's built for sharing. Their light THC and CBD ratios make them delightfully doseable, and their unique flavors make them incredibly satiating. Pick up a 24-pack and take it to your next shindig to instantly become everyone's best friend, or take their roadies camping for a versatile and discreet way to consume your cannabis anywhere.

Their branding is bougey without being basic, and the unequaled balance of effervescence and effects means every sip will taste as incredible as you feel. Use Proper to find these at your local dispensary, or order their customizable Party Pack to replace booze at your next get together.

Quoted: "This is a great tasting little beverage. I had a couple cans and they put me in a very relaxed state of mind. Hanging with some co-workers right now and I’m in a great head space."

Pros: These have the same cannabinoid content as their full-bodied sibling, but just a quarter of the calories. Expect uplifting effects to leave you in a balanced state of focus and relaxation perfect for breezing through a to-do list, working out or shining in any social situation.

Cons: None to note, sometimes less is truly more.

Quoted: "I already love Cann, but these new roadies are great. The lemon and lavender flavors come through right away and are refreshing. I'm feeling light, mellow, and a little stoney. I could easily go with one or have another."

Pros: Say hello to Cann without the can. Roadies are a liquid drink mix that offer a quick fix wherever you are. They’re versatile, discreet and as the name implies, built for road trips and situations where you don’t want to lug a cooler around. Each pack provides ten opportunities to saddle up and share in a social high.

Cons: Not a single one.

Quoted: "These are really tasty. I’m feeling inspired and uplifted, and bringing these to a house party will quickly make you everyone’s favorite guest."

Pros: Each Party Pack regularly has eight cans of each flavor, but you can customize it on their site. With 24 cans, you’ll be more than ready to get everyone feeling the same chill vibe. If you're someone who prefers to consume their cannabis solo, this also offers the perfect opportunity to try every flavor and stock up for summer. 

Cons: In this case, too much of a good thing is a great thing.

Quoted: "Enjoying the sunshine and hanging out with friends! The high is just as bright and bubbly as the drink. Very pleasant."

Pros: The balanced dose and unique flavor combination of this bud-filled beverage will have you reaching for another before you know it. Expect to feel uplifted, energized and clear with the right amount of focus to fuel you through whatever you choose to do. Dive into a new book or drop a line to an old friend to catch up.

Cons: If you're looking for downsides, you've come to the wrong list. 

Quoted: "On my second, feeling more buzzed. These are great for a party where you don’t want booze. Colors are a little brighter, jokes are funnier. Not a heavy high at all. Feeling chatty and social without the anxiety."

Pros: This citrusy, herbal fan-favorite is uplifting and will undoubtedly leave you craving more. Use these to build a buzz that’s similar to light beer if you’re trying to cut back on alcohol, or pair them with a pilsner for a doseable and social buzz that won’t take you over the edge.

Cons: None to note.  

Quoted: "I love these, and I haven’t had great experiences with beverages in the past. Expect mild, carefree and mood boosting effects, and they taste awesome to boot."

Pros: A perfect score is hard to attain in any system, and in ours it means this is a product you really shouldn't miss. The flavors and effects are equally unforgettable, so grab a few and indulge in a high that’s hard to come by. Expect any aches and anxiety to be shown the door as they’re replaced by a calm level of focus perfect for any activity and time of day.

Cons: None to note, just please recycle responsibly! 

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