How To Survive Your Period With Cannabis
Guide by Kate Ryan
Apr 05, 2019 · 9 min read

Cramps and mood swings should be afraid of these products.

What’s worse, feeling the sensation of your ovaries imploding or the urge to murder anyone who so much as looks in your direction? When I’m on my period, I experience both! Wrenching cramps, debilitating back pain, next-level irritability—this trifecta of misery descends around the same time each month and somehow I’m still caught off guard. I used to pop handfuls of Advil and hole up with a heating pad for a few days before wising up to the ultimate period hack: weed.

That said, not all cannabis is great for alleviating menstrual woes. Some buzzy, high-octane highs can leave me feeling more attuned to my discomfort, which is why it’s worth taking the time to curate your period survival kit thoughtfully. Or better yet, let us do that for you.

All of the products in this list contain some level of CBD, a compound known for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties, and most contain small amounts of THC. When combined, these compounds work synergistically to relieve mental and physical irritation. The ladies of the Proper Cannabis Committee (PCC) realize periods suck and weed can help—but only if the product is good. In the process of testing hundreds of cannabis products, they just so happened to strike gold in the form of cramp-crushing gummies, soothing supplements, and PMS-killing chocolates. You’ll notice this list is broken up by state so no matter what legal market you’re in, there’s a tried-and-true survival kit to reach for the next time hormones take the wheel for worse.


CBD Tropical Twist Gummies by Valhalla Confections

Don’t be fooled by the small, sweet appearance of these gummies because the PCC noticed they pack a major dose of pain relief. Each gummy contains 4.5mg THC and 10mg CBD, meaning low-dose users can also expect a stoney, distracted high that’d pair well with Netflix and sweats. As this rater attests: “This gummy completely erased my gnarly period cramps! I know the candy is wearing off because I can feel them percolating again.” A bag of 10 typically go for $15.

PCC rater Brianna Wheeler explains the beauty of these almonds best, writing in her review, “A scant 0.6mg of THC per piece might not seem like enough to fuel a proper lift off, but in concert with the 6mg of CBD and the suggested two-piece serving size, it’s more than adequately uplifting.” Having rated these almonds myself, I can personally attest to their low-key magic. Beyond tasting like boutique chocolates, 2-4 almonds are all it takes to nip PMS in the bud. At $20 for a bag of about 24 pieces, the price isn’t bad either. San Franciscans can get a bag delivered via Parcel.

Two hours after, I felt a wave of euphoria wash over my body.

OK, this vape pen may not directly solve period cramps, but it will replace a classic menstrual vice: wine. The flavor is light, the effects are bubbly and bright, and you don’t need to worry about waking up to a headache the morning after. For those nights when I want to crawl into a cave but have to go out, this sleek, all-in-one pen certainly comes in handy. Expect to pay $60 for a pen that should get you through at least two lunar cycles. San Franciscans can get this pen delivered via Parcel.

An hour after taking one of these mints, my mood lifted and my body relaxed. Two hours after, I felt a wave of euphoria wash over my body. I attribute the cushy body high and jello-y head high to a perfectly balanced ratio of THC and CBD. With 5mg of each per tasty little mint, it’s an easily buildable high or just the right amount of comfort for low-dose users like myself. I store a tin in all of my bags just so I’m prepared should pre-menstrual symptoms crash my day unexpectedly. It’s almost unbelievable one tin (20 mints) costs just $25. San Franciscans can get their tins delivered via Parcel.

Sure, Foria is bold enough to go where no cannabis products have gone before, but what really matters is that the products work. These do, but it takes a learning curve to get the most for your money. I’d use these suppositories when you’re ready for bed or an afternoon nap since you need to lie down after insertion to get the most benefit. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to wear a pad or some underwear you don’t care about ruining because there is a chance some oil could, well, fall out. Their coconut oil base is also why you should store these in the fridge until you’re ready to use them. The pain-relieving effects typically kick in 30 minutes after insertion. Expect to pay $10 per suppository.

3:1 THC:CBD Releaf Body Oil by Papa & Barkley

A period survival guide wouldn’t be complete without a Papa & Barkley product. While all of their products are full-spectrum and great for pain, several female members of the PCC swear by this oil specifically for shutting down cramps. Massage some oil onto your lower back and abdomen for rapid relief that won’t affect you mentally. $45 for a 60ml bottle may sound somewhat extravagant, but when 3-4 pumps are all you need to get major relief, the price tag feels justified. San Franciscans, take note: the 3:1 CBD:THC Releaf Balm works just as well and is available for delivery via Parcel


If you’re a fan of gummy vitamins, these relaxing weedy supplements may be just the thing. With 0.25mg THC and 5mg CBD per piece, you can easily build up your high or stick with one for mild, non-intoxicating relief. After waking up to her period and a red wine hangover, one rater reported, “This gummy is so, so, so calming to my system. It’s literally helping with everything.” It doesn't hurt that they're delicious as well. $35 will get you a tub of 20 medicinal gummies.

One rater compared these chocolates to Xanax.

Ripple Balanced 5 by Stillwater

Stillwater is at it again. Every rater who tried this powdered beverage commented on its ability to melt away aches and pains. With each packet containing 5mg of THC and CBD, it should leave you feeling mentally and physically soothed. To help alleviate cramps, try mixing it into a warm cup of ginger or mint tea. Or go the same route as the rater who said during her rating session, "Starting my day with Ripple in a cup of coffee is arguably the best thing ever." $24 for a box of 10 packets might feel like highway robbery, but if you’re okay with it, I’m okay with it.

Midnight by 1906

Nothing says “treat yourself” like geometrically-chiseled, gourmet dark chocolates packed with healing cannabinoids and medicinal herbs. Each Midnight chocolate contains 5mg each of CBD and THC in addition to corydalis, a traditional Chinese herb believed to help with sleep, body pain, and tension. While these are designed to help you sleep through the night, the Committee found they’re equally effective at relieving incessant pains. One rater compared these chocolates to Xanax, while another found they minimized her cramps and boosted her mood. At $16 for 3 pieces, they’re a small but mighty splurge.


Relief Squares by Serra

Made with Portland’s own Woodblock Chocolate, these squares are as effective as they are delicious. As Brianna Wheeler wrote in her review, “An hour after I’d eaten the Relief Square, my menstrual symptoms abated. Over the course of an average first day of menses, I might pop four or more acetaminophen. On this day, I had one in the morning and didn’t think about them again until day three when the chocolate was finally gone.” As if we needed another excuse to eat chocolate. Expect to pay $12 for a 4-square bar.

You could easily suck on these all day for a subtle boost of sanity.

CBD Ginger Mints by Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Raters love these mints for their ability to zap tension and boost cognition. With 1mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per mint, you could easily suck on these all day for a subtle boost of sanity. As one rater wrote during her rating session, “I popped one of these mints in the hopes of getting relief in my neck and some mental boosting. This edible seems to do the trick for both.” $30 will get you a tin of 20 mints. Fun fact: they’re available in Washington as well.


CannaSutra by Vashon Velvet

Sure, this flower may have been crafted for sexy times, but who said we can’t repurpose the cashmere body feels for cramps and bloating? As one rater wrote during a session with this flower, “This strain helps keep my spirit high and body light during my period. This high is euphoric, creative, and works great with cramps.” With 16% THC and the tiniest smidge of CBD, you won’t have to worry about overdoing it. Expect to pay $45 for an eighth of an ounce.

No cramps, no frustration lingering. All in all a great resource for treating period symptoms.

9 Pound Hammer by Fifty Fold

When it comes to cramps, this super relaxed, indica-leaning flower is just what the doctor ordered. Despite the heavy-duty name, the high is surprisingly chill and flexible with a healthy balance of soothing body vibes and a stress-free head high. While testing this flower, one rater noted, “I'm busy packing for a trip but have been having some period pains getting in my way. Smoking this cannabis has taken away some of the general discomfort from cramps and a headache.” Expect to pay $15 per gram.

Available Nationwide: CBD+ Capsules by Wildflower

With a whopping 30mg CBD per capsule, these should leave even the most CBD-skeptical feeling some soothing benefits. As one rater attests, “These capsules have been very consistent and balancing as the hour has gone on. No cramps, no frustration lingering. All in all a great resource for treating period symptoms.” You can buy an $80 bottle of 30 capsules online

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